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Bohemia 1346-1378; King Charles IV Holy Roman Empire; Born in Prauge with the name Wenceslaus; Gold Gulden; Fr-2; Amazing condition for a 14th century gold piece! PCGS certified MS-63 $28500
Brazil 1727 M; Gold 20000 Reis; Large coin with 1.5857oz AGW; KM 117; Nice coin with full luster; A rare date in top quality; This coin was sold by Heritage in 2012 for $29900; NGC certified MS-63 $28000
Chile 1751; Gold 8 Escudos; Bright coin with flashy fields; strong strike; NGC certified MS-64 (one of the finest of the Luz shipwreck coins) $7800
Czechoslovakia 1933; Gold 5 Ducats; Saint Wenceslaus (Tschechoslowakei); Bohemian lion on reverse; Kremnica mint; Mintage 1752 pieces; Finest Graded NGC certified MS-66 $8950
France 1818-W; Gold 40 Francs; Louis XVIII; .3734oz; NGC certified MS-66 ! Finest graded of the type! Amazing quality $14250
India 1726; Gold 5 Xerafins; Portugese India (Diu); Very rare coin; NGC certified VF-35 $6000
India 1862 C; Gold Mohur; Queen Victoria; Calcutta mint; variety with V on bust and 2 flowers; KM-480; Well struck and good luster; NGC graded MS-63 $5800
Japan 1860-1862 (Manen Era) Gold Presentation Oban; Size 81mm x 134mm; Weight 121.4g; This Oban has a different reverse character grouping which indicates it is not a general issue Oban but a Presentation Oban! It was given to a sword carrying Shogun; Daimyo; or a member of the Imperial Family only! Not often found and not found in the United States; Scarcer hand-made horizontal indentations variety; original ink in a good state of preservation; includes JNDA photo certificate confirming authenticity and the original ink; Grade Uncirculated (includes wood presentation box) $35000
Netherlands 1617; Gold Cavalier from Utrecht; Armored Knight charges on War Horse; KM 15; FR-286; 37mm in diameter; NGC certified MS-62 $6200
Poland 1930 (Danzig) Gold 25 Gulden; KM150; NGC certified MS-65 $2000
Russia 1880; Gold 5 Roubles; One of the finest graded at NGC; NGC certified MS-64 $3500
Yap 1800s; Island of Yap stone money; This is one of the largest available at 220 pounds; diameter 27.5 inches; very rare; An original hand-made crystal coin with great color; Museum quality $42500
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Bohemia 1621; Gold 10 Ducats; Ferdinand II of Austria; Prague mint; Holy Roman Empire; Fr 38; Nice AU grade coin with some field smoothing SOLD
Chile 1828; Coquimbo Peso; Nice reflective fields with blue toning; Ex Leu 2003; AU-58 Quality; Rare and desireable; One of the most famous Latin American Crowns! SOLD
China 1928; Kweichow; First Road (Auto Dollar) L&M 609; Nice grey color and good details; NGC graded AU-55 ! SOLD
China Hupeh 1904; Silver Tael; Small characters; LM 180; Y 128.2; Bright coin with great luster; PCGS certified MS-63+ SOLD
China Shanghai; Fantasy 25 Tael Gold; struck around 1919 in Shanghai; large 70.7g; diameter 48mm; UNC SOLD
Czechoslovakia 1951; Gold Dukat 4 coin Set of 10 Ducats; 5 Ducats; 2 Ducats and 1 Ducat; Saint Wenceslaus (Tschechoslowakei); very rare set; UNC SOLD
Great Britain 1838; Victoria Gold Coronation Medal; Eimer 1315; Fantastic design by B. Pistrucci in very high relief; The reverse is Victoria receiving her crown from Britannia; Hibernia; and Scotia; This is the finest graded! 36mm 31.1g NGC certified MS-63 SOLD
Greek 246-222 BC; Ptolemaic Kingdom; AV Gold Octodrachm (27.8g); Struck under Ptolemy IV as a commemorative of Ptolemy III; beautiful coin with high relief; NGC certified AU SOLD
Greek 5th Century BC; Persia; Achaemenid Empire; Gold AV Daric (8.33g); Persian king right with spear and bow; NGC graded Choice XF ! SOLD
Japan 1725-1837 (Kyoho Era) Gold Oban; Original ink with certificate from the JNDA; Very rare! SOLD
Russia 1716; Gold Ducat; Peter I; Very rare! NGC certified AU-53; This coin is a nice AU with natural surfaces that haven't been cleaned SOLD
Thailand 1868-1910; Rama V; Gold 1 Baht Bullet (15.1g); very rare; Grade XF+ SOLD
Tibet 1910; Gold Tangka; extremely rare; approximately 6 known with one of those impounded at the British Museum! Grade XF SOLD
US 1795; Gold $5 (Half Eagle); Small eagle reverse; The first gold coin struck for the United States! Grade UNC (some field hairlines) SOLD
US 1915 San Francisco; Panama Pacific Exposition; Gold $50 Octagonal; PCGS graded MS-63 SOLD
Vietnam 1848-1883; Annam; Tu Duc; Silver 2 Lang (20 Tien); Extremely rare denomination that is 87mm in diameter; 76g weight; smoothing repair at top and bottom; Grade AU-UNC SOLD