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List by Country Names A-E:

Argentina 1828 RA P; Silver 8 Reales; KM 20; Classic Sunface design; A rare date! Now NGC certified AU-55 $2500
Argentina 1848; Silver 1 Real; Sun face with 8 points; Cordoba; NGC certified AU-58 $300
Argentina 1882; Silver Peso; KM 29; Light even toning with minimal marks; The Finest Known; NGC certified MS-64 $8000
Australia 1872-S; Gold Sovereign; St George reverse; Sydney mint; NGC graded MS-61 ! $900
Australia 1881-M; Gold Sovereign; St George reverse; Old time golden color; Full mint bloom; PCGS certified MS-63; a wonderful coin $2950
Australia 1882-M; Gold Sovereign; St George reverse; NGC certified MS-62 $1800
Australia 1895 M; Gold Sovereign; Melbourne mint; Finest graded NGC MS-64 $1375
Austria 1685; Habsburg; City view of Vienna with bust of Leopold I; Victory over the Turks; Reverse is 10 fortresses and cities taken; 22.5g 40mm; Grade XF $450
Austria 1855 A; Gold Ducat; Vienna mint; Earlier type; KM 2263; 0.1106oz AGW; Not cleaned and has good gold color; Grade AU $350
Austria 1863 E; Gold Ducat; Karlsburg mint; FB 235; Scarce; NGC certified AU-58 $480
Austria 1915; Pattern Ducat struck in Copper; Pn-81; very rare red-brown UNC $800
Belgium 1485-1503; Gold Florin; Liege; John of Hoorn; Obv is St. Lambert standing (important Bishop of the 15th century); Fr 300; ragged flan; Grade VF $350
Bhutan 1966; Platinum 2 Sertums; Mintage only 72 coins; Finest graded at PCGS; PCGS certified PR-68 Deep Cameo $1600
Bohemia 1346-1378; King Charles IV Holy Rome Empire; Born in Prauge with the name Wenceslaus; Gold Gulden; Fr-2; Amazing condition for a 14th century gold piece! PCGS certified MS-63 $28500
Bolivia 1883; ESSAI Pattern 2 Centavos; struck in bronze; KM E4; UNC $265
Brazil 1719 B; Gold 4000 Reis; rare; Grade AU $2300
Brazil 1727 M; Gold 20;000 Reis; Rare grade for this better date; A fantastic example with great eye appeal; no adjustment marks or nicks; Vila Rica mint; KM 117; Ex-Heritage Sept 2012 where it sold for $30;550; Only 1 coin grades higher; NGC certified MS-63 $23000
Brazil 1783 R; Gold 6400 Reis; Rio Mint; NGC graded AU-53 $1550
Brazil 1790 R; Gold 6400 Reis; Rio Mint; NGC certified AU-58 $1790
Brazil 1818 R; Silver 960 Reis; Struck over 8 reales; Shield obverse type; NGC certified MS63 $440
Brazil 1832; Gold 6400 Reis; Pedro II; FR 115; NGC graded AU-58 $3300
Brazil 1847; Gold 10000 Reis; Rare type; mintage only 16000 pieces; NGC certified AU-50 $3000
Brazil 1851; Gold 20000 Reis; Type I; .5286oz AGW; Uncirculated with good luster; NGC graded MS-62 $1900
Cambodia 1953; ESSAI set of 3 coins in original Monnaie de Paris holder; 10 20 and 50 Cent; Condition UNC $1150
Canada 1915; Large Cent; King George V; NGC certified MS-65 RB $425
Central American Republic (Costa Rica) 1844 CR-M; Gold 1 Escudo; nice original coin; VF-XF $1150
Chile 1821; Gold 8 Escudos; nice coin with no planchet lamination problems; sun face details are visible; KM# 84; PCGS certified XF-45 $2950
Chile 1821; Gold 8 Escudos; sun face details are visible; KM# 84; NGC certified AU-50 $3275
Chile 1835; One Centavo; Beautiful color surfaces; Proof minted at Soho (Birmingham); KM 115; Thick flan with coin alignment; ANACS PROOF 65 BN $2400
Chile 1866; Gold 10 Pesos; 0.4414oz AGW; NGC graded XF-45 $985
Chile 1872 So; Gold 5 Pesos; Santiago Mint; KM-144; 0.2207 oz; NGC graded MS-63; Finest Graded! $1550
Chile 1881; Silver 1 Peso; NGC certified MS-63 $385
Chile 1895; Gold 5 pesos; KM 153; Finest graded of all dates in the series; NGC certified MS-67 ! $1600
Colombia 1784 SF; Gold 2 Escudos; Charles III; Popayan mint; KM 49.2; Weak bust as usual; one mark in left obv field; not cleaned; Grade VF $500
Colombia 1857 P; Gold 2 Pesos; Nueva Granada; KM 121; Popayan mint; A rare coin in this flashy choice condition! Very lustrous; NGC certified MS-62 $1800
Colombia 1871; Gold 1 Condor Peso; Medellin; Finest Graded! NGC MS-65 (Finest Graded) $1500
Colombia 1924; Gold 2.5 Pesos; KM 203; Finest Graded! NGC MS-65 $600
Costa Rica 1847 CR JB; Central American Republic; Gold 1/2 Escudo; NGC certified XF-45 $525
Costa Rica 1851 JB ; Gold 1/2 Esucudo; Ex Mayer; only 3 graded higher; NGC certified AU-58 $675
Costa Rica 1854; Gold 2 Escudos; some scratches; Grade XF $550
Costa Rica 1870 GW; Gold 10 Pesos; XF-AU $1685
Costa Rica 1899; Gold 20 Colones; .4502oz AGW; Attractive natural color; NGC graded MS-63 $2850
Costa Rica 1899; Gold 5 Colones; .1125oz; NGC graded MS-62 $350
Costa Rica 1928; Gold 2 Colones; KM 139; Nice luster; Final year of this type; PCGS MS-64 $500
Curacao 1821; Silver 1 Reaal; 4 acorn variety; KM 26.1; Most of the mintage was melted in 1927; NGC graded MS-62 $1225
Egypt 1852; Gold 50 Qirsh (or Half Livre); AH 1255 year 15; Fr 6; Grade XF $735
El Salvador 1892 CAM; Silver 5 Centavos; KM 10; NGC certified MS-63 $325
Ethiopia 1977; Gold 600 Birr; UN conservation series; Walia Ibex; NGC certified MS-64 $2200
. .


Afghanistan 1919 (SH 1298); Gold 2 Tilla; 0.2662oz AGW; KM 879; Nice color; NGC certified MS-63 SOLD
Afghanistan 1920 (AH1299) Gold 2 Amani ; KM 888; Nice UNC; 0.2662oz AGW; NGC certified MS-63 SOLD
Afghanistan 1960; Gold 4 Grams (using dies for 8 Grams with the number 8 erased) NGC certified MS-61 SOLD
Afghanistan 1961; Gold 8 Grams; KM 952; Fr-42; Mintage 200; Proof-like with hairlines SOLD
Afghanistan 1978; Gold 10000 Afghanis; KM 982; UN Conservation Series (Marco Polo Sheep); 0.9675oz AGW; This is the UNC version with a mintage of 694 coins; NGC MS-68 SOLD
Ajman 1971; Gold 25 Riyals; United Arab Emirates; Save Venice Commemorative; KM 36; Fr-6; .1497oz AGW; PROOF $315 SOLD
Albania 1927 V; Gold 20 Franga Ari; KM 12; FR 6; Skanderbeg; Minted in Vienna; Gem NGC MS-66 ! SOLD
Albania 1927; Gold 100 Franga-Ari; 1 star below bust; Amet Zog; NGC graded MS-62 SOLD
Albania 1938 R; Gold 20 Franga Ari; KM PR51 in gold; mintage 50 pieces; Prova (pattern) issue; NGC certified MS-63 SOLD
Albania 1988; Gold 7500 Leke; First railroad with train entering and leaving tunnel; KM #64; Gold content is 14 ounces! 483.75 grams of 900 fine gold; Only 50pcs minted; COA is coin number 26; includes wood box and COA; PROOF SOLD
Algeria 1991 (AH1411) Gold 3pc set; 1 Dinar; 2 Dinars; and 5 Dinars; All feature ancient coin designs; All 3 are certified NGC MS-68 and in a special NGC holder SOLD
Anguilla 1969; Gold and Silver Proof Set; Includes 4 gold coins with 1.928oz AGW and 4 silver coins; Original box and Certificate; PROOF SOLD
Argentina 1815; Silver 4 Reales; rare type; very nice quality and nearly UNC; NGC graded AU-58 SOLD
Argentina 1834; Gold 8 Escudos; Classic Sunface design; AU-55 (was PCGS AU-55) $9500 SOLD
Argentina 1889; Gold Gramo; Tierra Del Fuego; Minted by adventurer Popper; KM TN5; NGC graded MS-63 SOLD
Argentina 1940; Essai (Pattern) 50 Cent; Designed by Bazor; KM PN-53; NGC graded PF-64 Cameo SOLD
Australia 1855; Fillet Head Young Victoria; One year only type; Gold Sovereign; NGC certified VF-25 $1700 SOLD
Australia 1861; Gold Sovereign; This coin is basically uncirculated with the fresh luster to prove it; however there are many bagmarks; NGC certified AU details (scratch) SOLD
Australia 1873-M; Gold Sovereign; St George reverse; Melbourne mint; NGC graded MS-62 ! $760 SOLD
Australia 1880-M; Gold Sovereign; St George reverse; Long Tail variety; PCGS MS-63; a wonderful coin SOLD
Australia 1887 M; Gold Sovereign; Queen Victoria Jubilee-head; KM 13; S 3867; Hooked J in JEB variety; Only 2 graded higher; Flashy with no distracting marks; NGC certified MS-63 SOLD
Australia 1887 M; Gold Sovereign; Queen Victoria young-head; Shield reverse; One of the rarest sovereigns ! NGC certified AU-58 SOLD
Australia 1996-2007; Gold Lunar Series Set; 12 animal coins; 1-10th ounce each (Total gold content 1.20oz AGW) PROOF set with wood box and COA SOLD
Australia 2000; Lunar Dragon; Gold 1oz pure gold; 9999 fine; NGC graded MS70 ! SOLD
Austria (Salzburg) 1709; Gold 25 Ducats; Archbishopric issue; Franz Anton von Harrach; This is the largest monetary issue of the 18th century for Salburg; KM #304; Extremely Rare; Ex Heritage Auction 3051; NGC certified MS-61; Price on request SOLD
Austria 1439-1496; Gold Ducat (Goldgulden); Archduke Sigismund; Hall mint; Fr 5; NGC graded VF (cleaned) SOLD
Austria 1583; Silver Taler; DAV 8079; Kuttenberg; NGC certified VF-30 SOLD
Austria 1680-1686; Silver 2 Thalers; Hall mint; King Leopold I; Dav-3247; Seem to be uncirculated; NGC graded AU-58 SOLD
Austria 1767; Gold 3/4 Ducat (medallic); Empress Recovers from Smallpox; Quite unusual and rare in a high grade gold version! NGC certified MS-64 SOLD
Austria 1908; Gold 100 Corona; Lady in the Clouds; a nice sparkling coin; PCGS graded PR-62 SOLD
Austrian Netherlands; Gold Half Souverain; Maria Theresa; Hand mintmark for Antwerp Belgium; Grade XF (cleaned) $500 SOLD
Bhutan 1966; Platinum 5 Sertums; Mintage only 72 coins; Large platinum coin; PCGS certified PR-66 Deep Cameo SOLD
Bhutan 1970; Gold 1 Sertum; NGC graded MS-68 $500 SOLD
Bhutan 1996; Gold 1000 Ngultrum; 999 fine gold; Snow Leopard on obverse; 1 ounce pure; PROOF SOLD
Biafra (Nigeria) 1969; Gold 5pc Proof set; with original box and certificate; includes the largest 25 pounds with serial number (which matches the COA); total gold 4.357oz AGW; PROOF SOLD
Bohemia 1621; Gold 10 Ducats; Ferdinand II of Austria; Prague mint; Fr 38; Nice AU grade coin with some field smoothing SOLD
Bolivia 1618-1621; Silver 8 Reales; Philip II with full shield and cross; Potosi mint; NGC certified VF-35 SOLD
Bolivia 1767-1768-1769-1770; 12 coin set of the Potosi mint pillar series; Includes 2 Real; 1 Real; and Half Real from each year; The 1 Real 1767 has rough surfaces; The 2 Reales of 1769 is the rare round 9 variety; The 1 Real of 1769 seems to be a contemporary counterfeit; Mostly VF coins SOLD
Bolivia 1839; Gold 1 Escudo; proclamation constitution; Potosi; features a palm tree; XF-AU (light scratches to right of tree) SOLD
Brazil 1699 (R); overdate 9 over 8; Gold 4000 Reis; Pedro II; Grade AU (not cleaned; original patina) SOLD
Brazil 1699 (R); Gold 2000 Reis; Pedro II; rare coin in this grade; Grade XF (not cleaned; original patina) $3600 SOLD
Brazil 1725 M; Gold 10000 Reis; Great luster which is rare for this type; very few marks; and strong strike; PCGS graded MS-64; One of the Finest Known! SOLD
Brazil 1726 M; Gold 20000 Reis; Large coin with 1.5857oz AGW; NGC certified MS-63 (great luster and quality) SOLD
Brazil 1732 M; Gold 12800 Reis; Large gold coin; NGC certified MS-63 SOLD
Brazil 1755-R; Gold 6400 Reis; scarcer earlier date in incredible condition; NGC graded MS-65 SOLD
Brazil 1808; Gold 4000 Reis; Rio mint; KM 235.2; 0.2379oz AGW; cleaned; Grade XF SOLD
Brazil 1822; Gold 6400 Reis (Peca); Rio mint; KM 364; bright coin with great luster; NGC graded MS-62 SOLD
Brazil 1835; Gold 10000 Reis; Pedro II; scarce date; NGC graded AU-55 SOLD
Brazil 1855; Gold 5000 Reis; scarcer denomination; Fr 123; NGC certified MS-62 SOLD
Brazil 1858; Gold 10000 Reis; .2643oz AGW; NGC certified AU-53 SOLD
Brazil 1889; Gold 20000 Reis; .5286oz AGW; Last year of the type; NGC graded AU-58 SOLD
Brazil 1911; Gold 20000 Reis; a very attractive coin and the finest graded; NGC certified MS-64 SOLD
Bulgaria 1894; Gold 100 Leva; A rare coin with a mintage of just 2500 pieces; Grade UNC (with bagmarks) SOLD
Burma - Myanmar 1866; Gold 2 Mu 1 Pe ( Quarter Mohur ) Crudely struck; Grade VF SOLD
Burma - Myanmar 1970-1971; Gold 4 Mu; Graded NGC MS-63 $450 SOLD
Burma - Myanmar 1991; Gold 8.164g; 999.9 pure; Gold content .2625oz AGW; We have never seen this coin before! Includes box and COA; Grade UNC $700 SOLD
Burma - Myanmar 1998; Gold 5000 Kyat (0.5000oz) plus 3 silver Tiger coins; includes wood box and COA; PROOF SOLD
Cambodia 1847 (CS 1208) Silver Tical; KM 37; PCGS graded AU-55 SOLD
Cambodia 1860 E; ESSAI 5 Centimes struck in Bronze; Bruce E2; Lec 12; NGC certified PF-65 Brown; even blue toning; Rare SOLD
Cambodia 1860 E; ESSAI Pattern 5 Centimes struck in Silver; Lec 12; very rare PROOF SOLD
Cambodia 1860; Gold 2 Francs; restrike with rusty dies as usual; quite rare; NGC certified MS-63 SOLD
Cambodia 1902; Gold 25 Centimes; Pattern struck in gold; Souvenir; Gad-15; NGC graded MS-62 SOLD
Cambodia 1953; ESSAI PIEFORT set of 3 coins; 10 20 and 50 Cent PROOF; mintage 104 pieces; ex-Chirico SOLD
Cambodia 1974; Gold 50000 Riels; Three Cambodian Dancers; .1942oz AGW; NGC graded PF-69 Ultra Cameo (Proof version) $650 SOLD
Cambodia 1974; Silver 5;000 Riels; Cambodian Dancers; KM 61; Grade Gem PROOF $400 SOLD
Cambodia 1989; Gold 40 Riels; Angkor Wath; NICE UNC SOLD
Cambodia 1990; Gold 40 Riels; 3.1g; APSARA dancer; unlisted in catalogs; UNC SOLD
Canda 1849; British Columbia; Gold Dollar Token; Grade AU-UNC SOLD
Central American Republic (Costa Rica) 1831 CR-F; Silver 1 Real; Very nice AU+ grade (slightly weak stri oke on tree; but reflective fields and bluish patina) Ex-Frederick Mayer Collection Lot 1010 SOLD
Central American Republic (Costa Rica) 1837 CR-E; Gold 4 Escudos; KM 16; Well struck with great sunface and tree details; No die rust; Beautiful rose toning around the edge and deep gold color; Good luster; Reverse rim nick prevents grading; Grade AU+ SOLD
Ceylon 1815; 1 Stiver; King George III; reverse Elephant; NGC graded MS-64BN SOLD
Ceylon 996-1070; Gold Pala (0.87g) Chola Period; Fr 4; Grade XF SOLD
Chile 1751; Gold 8 Escudos; Bright coin with flashy fields; strong strike; NGC certified MS-64 (one of the finest of the Luz shipwreck coins) SOLD
Chile 1826 I; Gold 4 Escudos; Crossed Flags; rare date; This is the only graded one! NGC graded VF (surface hairlines) On a better day this would grade VF-30 (there are no hairlines; but natural planchet defects) SOLD
Chile 1828; Coquimbo Peso; Nice reflective fields with blue toning; Ex Leu 2003; AU-58 Quality; Rare and desireable; One of the most famous Latin American Crowns! SOLD
Chile 1866; Gold 5 Pesos; 0.2207oz AGW; NGC graded AU58 $360 SOLD
Chile 1895; Gold 5 pesos; KM 153; NGC certified MS-65 SOLD
Chile 1948; Gold Onza; KM-X1; A rare coin with beautiful design; 1 ounce of gold; NGC certified MS-63 SOLD
Chile 1979; Gold 1oz; celebrating the pillar dollar 1758 minted in Santiago; 999.9 fine gold; UNC SOLD
Colombia 1791 JJ Bogota; Transitional Charles IV issue with Charles III portrait! Rare uncirculated specimen with only 1 graded higher; NGC certified MS-62 SOLD
Colombia 1858; Gold 2 Pesos; Date punched over pattern 1848 die; KM 121; very interesting; Grade XF SOLD
Colombia 1866; Gold 10 Pesos; Popayan mint; .4667oz AGW; XF-AU SOLD
Colombia 1872; Gold 1 Peso; Condor; KM 157.1; Medellin mint; No distracting marks or spots; NGC certified MS-63 SOLD
Colombia 1876/5; Gold 10 Pesos; 0.4667oz AGW; Medellin mint; Nice portrait; KM 141.4; Some rim nicks; Grade VF SOLD
Colombia 1900; 2.50 Centavos; Rare type; KM #190; PCGS graded MS-64 SOLD
Colombia 1928; Gold 5 Pesos (.2355oz) KM #204; Sedwick 154; Medellin spelled in error as MFDFLLIN; NGC MS-64 SOLD
Comoros (Komoren or Comorien) 1976; Rare set of 3 proof coins; 2 Gold and 1 Silver; Mintage 500; Includes yellow box and COA SOLD
Costa Rica 1850; Gold Half Onza (4 Escudos); Exceptional Strike with nearly full grass skirt (only bested by a recent specimen strike sale); NGC certified AU-53 SOLD
Costa Rica 1855 JB; Gold Half Escudo; Unusually strong strike with nearly full skirt details; KM 97; NGC graded MS-61 SOLD
Costa Rica 1867 GW; Gold 5 Pesos; KM 114; San Jose mint; No problem coin; NGC certified XF-45 SOLD
Costa Rica 1892; Essai 1 Cent PIEFORT in nickel; no toning with nice proof fields; no spots; NGC graded PROOF-63 SOLD
Costa Rica 1897; Gold 10 Colones; .2251oz; Finest Graded at NGC; NGC certified MS-64 $1300 SOLD
Costa Rica 1915; Gold 2 Colones; scarce date; NGC certified MS-67; great luster; finest graded POP 1 SOLD
Costa Rica 1922; Gold 2 Colones; PCGS MS-67 SOLD
Costa Rica 1970; Gold and Silver set; 7.978oz of gold; 4.316oz of silver; 10 coins with leather box and certificate; PROOF SOLD
Costa Rica 1974; Gold 1500 Colones; .9676oz AGW; Anteater; NGC graded MS64 $1500 SOLD
Cuba 1915; Gold 20 Pesos; Minted in at the Philiadelphia mint; 0.9676oz AGW; NGC certified AU58 SOLD
Czechoslovakia 1923; Gold 1 Ducat; This is the serial numbered type; Serial # 692; Nice AU-UNC SOLD
Czechoslovakia 1926; Gold 1 Ducat; NGC graded MS64 SOLD
Czechoslovakia 1929; Gold 1 Ducat; Kremnitz mint; Fr-10; 1000th Anniversary of Christianity in Bohemia; UNC SOLD
Czechoslovakia 1929; Gold 3 Ducats; Introduction of Christianity to Bohemia; Fr 9; Mintage only 1058 coins; Highest graded! NGC graded MS-65 $3100 SOLD
Czechoslovakia 1929; Silver 5 Ducats; Christianity in Bohemia 1000th year Anniversary; Scarce; NGC graded MS65 SOLD
Czechoslovakia 1930; Gold 5 Ducats; Rare date! NGC certified MS-64 SOLD
Czechoslovakia 1933; Gold 10 Ducats; Saint Wenceslaus (Tschechoslowakei); Bohemian lion on reverse; Kremnica mint; 35g; KM 14; Fb 4; Mintage 1293 pieces; Bright luster and deep gold color; now NGC certified MS-64 SOLD
Czechoslovakia 1933; Gold 5 Ducats; Saint Wenceslaus (Tschechoslowakei); Bohemian lion on reverse; Kremnica mint; Mintage 1752 pieces; Finest Graded NGC certified MS-66 SOLD
Czechoslovakia 1935; Gold 2 Ducats; Saint Wenceslaus (Tschechoslowakei); Bohemian lion on reverse; Scarce date; NGC certified MS-62 SOLD
Czechoslovakia 1936; Gold 10 Ducats; Saint Wenceslaus (Tschechoslowakei); Bohemian lion on reverse; Kremnica mint; 35g; KM 14; Fb 4; Mintage 633 pieces; Finest Graded NGC certified MS-67 SOLD
Czechoslovakia 1936; Gold 5 Ducats; rare date with a mintage of 784; KM 13; UNC (slight bend) SOLD
Czechoslovakia 1951; Gold Dukat 4 coin Set of 10 Ducats; 5 Ducats; 2 Ducats and 1 Ducat; Saint Wenceslaus (Tschechoslowakei); very rare set; UNC SOLD
Czechoslovakia 1951; Gold Dukat 5 ; Saint Wenceslaus (Tschechoslowakei); very rare; UNC SOLD
Czechoslovakia 1978; Gold 5 Ducats; KM X30; Gem uncirculated; NGC MS-67 SOLD
Dahomey 1971; Gold 2500 Francs; 0.2569oz AGW; KM 6; Nice PROOF; NGC certified PF-69 Ultra Cameo $425 SOLD
Danish West Indies 1904; Gold 4 Daler; KM 72; 0.1867oz AGW; PCGS graded MS-64 SOLD
Denmark 1759; Gold Kurant Dukat (12 Mark); Fr 269; NGC certified AU-55 SOLD
Denmark 1900; Gold 10 Kroner; 0.1293oz AGW; Mermaid type; Lot of BU coins 19 pcs (enter quantity wanted when ordering) SOLD
Dominican Republic 1897 A; 1 Peso; The dies were made in Paris (with mintmark A) but the coins were struck in Philadelphia; PCGS graded MS-63 SOLD
Ecuador 1835; Gold 2 Escudos; KM 16; NGC certified VF with surface hairlines SOLD
Ecuador 1837; Gold 4 Escudos; rare type; NGC certified XF (scratches); The coin has strong AU details; but there is a scratch on the back of the neck; It has nice color and is not cleaned SOLD
Ecuador 1899 JM; Gold 10 Sucres; KM #56; Birmingham Mint; .2354oz AGW; NGC graded AU-55 SOLD
Ecuador 1928; Gold Condor; Birmingham mint; sovereign size gold coin; KM #74; NGC certified MS-64 SOLD
Egypt 1886; Gold 100 Qirsh; AH 1293 year 11; Great luster and the same color on both sides; NGC certified MS62 $580 SOLD
Egypt 1911; AH 1327 year 4; Silver 20 Qirsh (crown size !) Heaton mint; NGC certified MS-63+ SOLD
Egypt 1916; Gold 100 Piastres; British Occupation; .2391oz AGW; NGC graded MS-63 $1000 SOLD
Egypt 1922; Gold 500 Piastres; King Fuad I; KM 342; Choice PROOF with mirror fields; NGC certified PF-64 (highest grade at NGC) SOLD
Egypt 1930; Gold 100 Piastres; King Fuad; NGC certified AU58 SOLD
Egypt 1938; Gold 100 Piastres; King Farouk Wedding; NGC certified MS-62 SOLD
Egypt 1938; Gold 20 Piastres; KM 370; Royal Wedding; Farouk; NGC certified MS-65 $425 SOLD
Egypt 1938; Gold 500 Piastres; King Farouk Wedding; Gem PROOF; NGC certified PF-66 SOLD
Ethiopia 1889; Gold 1 Werk; KM 18; NGC certified MS-63 SOLD