Coins For Sale:

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Some items below are priced at a small premium over the bullion value!

China 1987 S; Panda gold 5pc set; 100 Yuan down to 5 Yuan; Excellent condition and sealed in original Chinese government plastic; 1.90oz gold total; UNC $2800
China 1988; Gold Panda Proof Set; 5 coins with 1.90oz of pure gold; includes box and certificate; low mintage $2775
China 2010; Gold 500 Yuan; Panda; 1 ounce; NGC certified MS-69 $1750
Denmark 1900; Gold 10 Kroner; 0.1293oz AGW; Mermaid type; Lot of BU coins 19 pcs (enter quantity wanted when ordering) $200
France 1859-A; Gold 50 Francs; Napoleon bare-head; Paris Mint; Gold content 0.4667oz AGW; Grade AU $690
France 1886-A Gold 100 Francs; Angel .9335oz; Nice AU grade coin $1650
Great Britain 1984 - 1988; Gold 5 Pound Set; 5 coins; Choice Uncirculated with box and COA $9500
Great Britain 1993; Gold 2 Pounds; Elizabeth; 0.4708oz AGW; In original box with COA $850
Hungary 1908; Gold 100 Korona; Bright and lustrous; NGC certified MS-67 $1450
Italy 1834-1849; Sardinia; Ruler Carlo Alberto; Fr 1152; KM 115.2; Gold content .1867oz per coin; Hoard of 34 coins grading XF and AU (no cleaned or damaged coins); Many dates included $11560
Monaco 1901; Gold 100 Francs; 0.9335oz AGW; KM 105; Paris mint; King Albert; No damage or toning; some hairlines noted; Grade AU-UNC $1350
South Africa 1997; Gold 1 ounce Natura; Buffalo; in original capsule (with green box and certificate) $1700
US 2006; Gold Buffalo 9999 fine gold; 1 ounce; $50 Dollars; NGC graded MS-70 $1675
US 2009; Gold $20 Ultra High Relief; Perfect coin; 1 ounce of gold; Includes box; certificate; book; and all original packaging $2250
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China 1986; Gold 1000 Yuan Panda; 12oz of gold; includes box ; Mintage only 2550 coins with many being melted; PROOF (no red spots; no coa) SOLD
China 1987; Gold 1000 Yuan Panda; 12oz of gold; includes box and COA; Mintage only 4000 coins with many being melted; PROOF (no red spots) SOLD
France 1814 and up to 1840s; Gold 20 Franc Lot; 33pcs in XF and AU condition; Nearly all are Louis XVIII coins and Pre-1840; each coin has 0.1867oz of gold ($230 each when buying all of them) SOLD
France 1818-A; Gold 20 Francs; Louis XVIII; .1867oz AGW; PCGS certified AU-53 SOLD
France 1862-1865; Gold 50 Francs; Napoleon laureate-head; Paris mint; 4 coins with each coin 0.4667oz AGW; Total gold 1.8668oz; Grade AU $2780 SOLD
Singapore 1983; Gold Dragon; 1 ounce of 999 fine gold; UNC SOLD
South Africa 1999; Gold 1 ounce Krugerrand; PROOF South African Krugerrand plastic case SOLD
Tanzania 1998; Gold 50000 Shilingi; Serengeti Wildlife issue; Lion Cheetah Zebra on obverse; 5 ounces of pure gold; PROOF; PCGS graded PR-69 Deep Cameo (the only one graded by NGC or PCGS!) SOLD
US 2009; Gold Buffalo 9999 fine gold; 1 ounce; $50 Dollars; PROOF SOLD
US 2015; Gold Buffalo 9999 fine gold; 1 ounce; $50 Dollars; BU and sealed in plastic (3 coins available) SOLD
Vietnam; Kim Thanh; Gold wafer bar (very thin); 14.3g of pure gold; .4598oz AGW (2 available) $725 ea SOLD