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フィンランド 1865; 2 マラッカ銀貨; レアコンディション; NGC MS-64 $800
フィンランド 1912 s; 20 マラッカ金貨; .1867oz AGW; NGC MS-63 $545
フィンランド 1912 s; 20 マラッカ金貨; .1867oz AGW; NGC MS-65 $725
Germany 1388-1418; Trier - Wesel; 1 Goldgulden; Fr-3426; Erzbistum Werner von Falkenstein; A very well struck and lustrous example; NGC MS-62 $2000
ドイツ 1635 Nurnberg; ダカット金貨; FR-1828; well struck with good details; NGC MS-63 $2000
ドイツ 1724; Wurzburg; Gold Half Ducat; FB-3699; PCGS graded AU-58 $650
ドイツ 1763; Augsburg; Gold Dukat; Forster 629; Fr 107; very bright and flashy; NGC certified MS-63 $3200
ドイツ 1765 C; Gold 1 Pfennig; KM Pn43; Saxony (Sachsen); NGC graded PROOF-63 $1700
ドイツ 1769 OHK; Hamburg; Gold Ducat; FR-1127; fully mirrored fields and well struck; NGC graded MS-63 PL $3500
ドイツ 1777 Wurzburg; ダカット金貨; FR-3725; A bright and well struck beauty; NGC MS-63 $2300
ドイツ 1818 Saxony (Sachsen) Gold Ducat; Proof like with great strike; NGC MS-64 PL $4700
ドイツ 1836; Hamburg; Gold Ducat; knight standing with shield; NGC XF-45 $725
ドイツ 1842; Hamburg; Gold Ducat; knight standing with shield; NGC MS-62 $1150
ドイツ 1845; Hamburg; Gold Ducat; knight standing with shield; NGC MS-61 $1150
ドイツ 1872 E; Saxony - Sachsen; 10 マルク金貨; Nice AU-UNC $1000
ドイツ 1872; Prussia; 10 マルク金貨; Gold Content .1152oz AGW; NGC MS-65 (group of 4 coins available) $265
ドイツ 1873-C; Prussia; 20 マルク金貨; very nice quality; NGC MS-64 $615
ドイツ 1877 B; Prussia; 5 マルク金貨; scarcer type; VF $275
ドイツ 1877 G; Baden; 5 マルク金貨; NGC AU-55 $700
ドイツ 1877-D; Bavaria (Bayern); 5 マルク金貨; NGC MS-62 $1150
ドイツ 1877-D; Bavaria (Bayern); 5 マルク金貨; very little wear and good luster; PCGS AU-55 $600
ドイツ 1893; Bavaria (Bayern); 10 マルク金貨; NGC MS-62 $365
ドイツ 1898; Bavaria (Bayern); 10 マルク金貨; NGC MS-62 $470
ドイツ 1905 D; Bavaria (Bayern); 10 マルク金貨; NGC MS-62 $550
ドイツ 1906; Bremen; 20 マルク金貨; rare type and grade; NGC MS-65 $3400
ドイツ 1911; Hessen Darmstadt; 20 マルク金貨; PCGS MS-63 $900
ドイツ 1914 E; Saxony (Sachsen); 20 マルク金貨; .2305oz AGW; Flashy luster; NGC MS-64 $700
ドイツ 1927; Tubingen University; 3 マルク銀貨; KM 54; original patina with good luster; NGC MS-62 $350
グアテマラ 1846; Silver 8 Reales; 6 over 2 overdate; セントラルアメリカ共和国; NGC MS-61 $1875
グアテマラ 1869; 20 ペソ金貨; NGC AU-55 $2950
グアテマラ 1925; Silver 1 Quetzale; KM 242; Mintage 10000 pieces but 7000 were melted; Soft pastel toning in purple-green-rose colors; very close to uncirculated grade with complete luster; AU-UNC $2800
グアテマラ 1926; Gold 20 Quetzales; Finest Graded! NGC MS-63 $3475
Honduras 1852; Silvered 4 Reales; sun face and tree details almost complete; Grade XF $525
香港 1863 10 セント銀貨; reeded edge; ビクトリア; NGC AU-58 $125
香港 1993; Proof set; with box and COA $55
香港 1997; Return of Hong Kong to the mainland; Gold $1000 (.4710oz AGW) PROOF with red box and COA $975
アイスランド 1978; 10 Kronur; Brockage struck by 1 Kronur blank; UNC $165
インド 1605-1628; Gold Zodiac Mohur (Pisces) with 2 fish; Jahangir; This is a 19th century restrike; PCGS AU-50 $3500
イラン 1931; Reza Shah; Gold Half Pahlavi; rare type; nice AU+ condition $775
イラン 1976 (SH1355); Gold 2.5 Pahlavi (.5885oz AGW); Mohammed Reza Pahlevi; UNC $1175
イスラム 1382-1389; Burji Mamluks; Gold Dinar (8.1g); Halab; Nice AU+ $2300
Isle of Man 1999; White Gold 4pc Set; 18k white gold; 26.124 grams; Total gold content 0.63oz AGW; PROOF $1165
イタリア 1554-1556; Venice; Fra. Venier; Gold Scudo Dor; rare 3-year-only doge; FR-1454; nice AU coin with a loop attached at the top edge $3100
イタリア 1811 M; ナポレオン; 40 リラ金貨; .3734oz AGW; VF $715
イタリア 1830 P; サルディニア; 80 リラ金貨; Anchor mintmark for Genoa; KM-c108.2; AU (クリーニング) $1500
イタリア 1848; Lombardy; 40 リラ金貨; Fr 474; scarce type in rare condition; uncirculated; NGC MS-62 $3800
イタリア 1859; ナポリ - シシリー; AE 10 Tornesi; AU+ $145
イタリア 1859; サルディニア; 20 リラ金貨; Genoa Mint (Anchor mintmark); Fr 1147; .1867oz AGW; scarce in this UNC grade; NGC MS-61 $720
イタリア 1863 T; 10 リラ金貨; 18.5mm diameter; Turin Mint; NGC MS-65 (最高値) $750
イタリア 1867 T; 20 リラ金貨; PCGS MS-62 $465
イタリア 1882 R; 20 リラ金貨; PCGS MS-63 $450
ヨルダン 1975; パターン 金貨セット; 7枚; 112.67g (3.26oz AGW) Includes 1;2;5;10;25;50;100 Fils plus Quarter Dinar in gold; KM Pn7-13; GEM PROOF $7250
韓国 1988; Gold Half ounce; .5000oz AGW PROOF $925
Korea 1905; Year 9; Silver 20 Chon; Bright coin with no toning; KM-1128 NGC graded MS-64 $2800
Korea 1906; Year 10; Silver 20 Chon; Bright proof-like example with some hairlines on the reverse fields; NGC graded MS-62 $850
リヒテンシュタイン 1946; 10 Franken金貨; .09335oz AGW; KM Y13; UNC $240
マレーシア 1895; Tin Jokoh (1 セント) with counterstamps; Trengganu; Zain Al Abidin III; Mich 3117; XF-AU $175
メキシコ 1711 oMX-oJ; 1 エスクド金貨 Cob; Philip V; probably from the 1715 fleet shipwreck; date is weak but visible; mint and assayer visible; VF+ $1730
メキシコ 1739 MF; 8 エスクド金貨; Mexico City; King Philip V; NGC XF-45 $4900
メキシコ 1760 Mo-M; 8 エスクド金貨; Cuirassed and draped bust type for King Charles III; quite rare; VF $11000
メキシコ 1760 Mo-MF; 1 エスクド金貨; a rare early type; VF $1800
メキシコ 1762 Mo-M; 8 エスクド金貨; Rat nose type; King Charles III; very rare; KM-155; Grade AU with good luster (obverse scratched) $10500
メキシコ 1765 Mo-MF; 1 エスクド金貨; a rare early type; NGC XF-40 $1850
メキシコ 1812; Oaxaca; Copper 8 Reales; KM233.1; VF $200
メキシコ 1815 Mo-HJ; 1 エスクド金貨; scarce type; NGC XF-40 $650
メキシコ 1955; 5 ペソ金貨; .1205oz AGW; UNC $220
モンゴル 1993; Lunar Rooster; Silver 12 ounces; 600 Tugrik; KM 65; Mintage only 200 coins; some white spotting that is very hard to see; with box and COA; PROOF $1100
ネパール 1934 (VS1991); Gold 1 Tola (also known as 1 Ashrafi); weight 12.48g; KM-703.1; NGC MS-62 $1175
ネパール 1946 (VS2003); Gold 1 Tola (also known as 1 Ashrafi); weight 12.48g; KM-703.1; Higher grade than normally seen; NGC MS-64 $1400
オランダ 1599-1611; Gold Double Ducat; Albert and Elizabeth; Fr-388; a rare coin; slightly wavy with a punch mark by the edge; XF $1700
オランダ 1617; Gold Cavalier from Utrecht; Armored Knight charges on War Horse; KM 15; FR-286; 37mm ; AU $3650
オランダ 1724; Utrecht; Gold Ducat; .1109oz AGW; from the shipwreck Akerendam in 1725; UNC $875
オランダ 1760; Utrecht; Gold 7 Gulden; .1463oz; KM 103; AU-UNC with some hairlines $745
オランダ 1763; Holland; Gold 14 Gulden; .2947oz; KM 104; Nice UNC $1900
オランダ 1763; Utrecht; Gold 14 Gulden; .2947oz; KM 104; UNC with hairlines $1200
オランダ 1775; Holland Silver Rider; 1 Ducaton; DAV-1827; NGC MS-62 (original patina and good luster) $1200
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Finland 1913; Gold 10 Markkaa; .0933oz AGW; NGC graded MS-65 SOLD
Gambia 1996; Gold 1000 Dalasis; 5 ounces of pure gold; 999 fine; PROOF with box and COA SOLD
German East Africa 1916; Gold 15 Rupien; Elephant; T mintmark for Tabora; variety with long arabeske ending under the T; PCGS graded AU-58 SOLD
Germany 1414-1463; Cologn (Koln); Goldgulden; Dietrich II von Moers; NGC certified MS-64; well struck with fresh luster SOLD
Germany 1700's; Nurnberg Lamb; Gold Religious Ducat; NGC certified MS-62 SOLD
Germany 1700; Nurnberg; Gold 1 Ducat; FB 1885; Grade XF+ SOLD
Germany 1813; Westphalia; Gold 5 Franken; NGC certified XF-45 $535 SOLD
Germany 1821; Bavaria (Bayern); Gold Dukat; variety with BAEIRN spelling; Fr 265; this coin has bright luster and is nearly uncirculated; NGC certified AU-55 SOLD
Germany 1848; Bavaria (Bayern); Silver 2 Gulden; Davenport-600; Nice UNC NGC MS-62 SOLD
Germany 1850; Hamburg; Gold Ducat; knight standing with shield; flashy lustrous fields; NGC graded MS-63 $1300 SOLD
Germany 1859; Hamburg; Gold Ducat; knight standing with shield; NGC graded MS-63 $1275 SOLD
Germany 1869; Hamburg; Gold Ducat; knight standing with shield; flashy lustrous fields; NGC graded MS-63 $1300 SOLD
Germany 1872; Prussia (Preussen); Gold 20 Marks; Choice PROOF SOLD
Germany 1873 A; Prussia (Preussen); Gold 10 Marks; .1152oz; NGC graded MS-66 SOLD
Germany 1875-A; Prussia; Gold 20 Marks; original deep gold color; PCGS graded MS-63 SOLD
Germany 1876 J; Hamburg; Gold 20 Marks; nice gold color; NGC certified MS-65 SOLD
Germany 1900; Wuerttemberg; Gold 20 Marks; nice NGC MS-64 SOLD
Germany 1903-D; Bavaria (Bayern); Gold 10 Marks; PCGS XF-45 SOLD
Germany 1904; Mecklenburg Schwerin; KM 333; Silver 2 Marks; PROOF; NGC PF-62 SOLD
Germany 1905; Bavaria (Bayern) Gold 20 Marks; NGC certified MS-64 SOLD
Germany 1905; Wurttemberg; Gold 20 Marks; NGC certified MS-65 SOLD
Germany 1908; Prussia (Preussen); Gold 20 Marks; .2305oz NGC graded AU-58 SOLD
Germany 1912; Bavaria (Bayern) Gold 10 Marks; a special coin with proof-like fields and dazzling luster; NGC graded MS-64 $480 SOLD
Germany 1912; Prussia (Preussen); Gold 20 Marks; .2305oz NGC graded MS-64 SOLD
Germany 1913; Prussia (Preussen); Gold 20 Marks; Military bust type in PROOF .2305oz; NGC graded PF-61 Cameo $1000 SOLD
Germany 1914; Baden; Gold 20 Marks; great luster; NGC MS-64 SOLD
Germany 1914; Prussia (Preussen); Gold 20 Marks; Military bust type .2305oz; ICG graded MS-63 SOLD
Germany 1958; Munich Gold 10 Ducat medal; 1.115oz AGW; 34.7g; PROOF SOLD
Gibraltar 1996; Gold 4pc Sailing Ship set; 999.9 fine gold; Ecu denominated; total gold 26.12 grams; .8398oz AGW; PROOF SOLD
Gibraltar 1998; Gold Half Crown; .5000oz AGW; Peacock; KM 732; NGC certified PF-70 Ultra Cameo $1000 SOLD
Gibraltar 2001; Victoria Empress of India; Gold Crown with Ruby; Gold content 1/2oz; PROOF SOLD
Greece 1833; Gold 20 Drachmai; .1867oz; rare coin; Grade XF SOLD
Greece 1884; Gold 20 Drachmai; .1867oz AGW; AU-UNC SOLD
Greece 1884; Gold 20 Drachmai; .1867oz AGW; PCGS graded MS-63 (an MS-64 sold for $1840!) SOLD
Greece 2000; Gold 1 Drachma; .2505oz AGW; PCGS certified PR-68 DCAM SOLD
Guatemala 1827 NG-M; Gold 2 Escudos; Central American Republic; scarce VF SOLD
Guatemala 1859 Gold 1 Peso; nice AU SOLD
Guatemala 1869; Gold 4 Pesos; .1904oz AGW; Grade VF SOLD
Guatemala 1872; Gold 5 Pesos; scarcer date; KM 198; .2333oz AGW; Grade AU (small scratch on reverse) SOLD
Guinea 1970; Gold 2000 Francs; Mission to the Moon; Apollo 13; ..2315oz PROOF SOLD
Honduras 1903; Silver Peso; KM#52 with round top 3; very scarce Latin American crown; NGC AU-58 SOLD
Honduras 1922; Gold 1 Peso; scarce type; NGC graded MS-62 SOLD
Hong Kong 1885 Silver 10 Cents; Queen Victoria; NGC graded AU-58 SOLD
Hong Kong 1975; Gold $1000 Visit of the Queen; .4708oz AGW; perfect coin sealed in original old plastic PROOF SOLD
Hungary 1458-1490; Gold Gulden; Matthias Corvinus I; Kremnitz mint; Fr-20; NGC graded XF-45 SOLD
Hungary 1848; Gold Ducat; Habsburg Rulers; Kremnitz mint; Fr 227; Nice AU SOLD
Hungary 1868; Gold Ducat; .1107oz; restrike UNC $200 SOLD
Hungary 1870; Gold Ducat; restrike .1107oz AGW; NGC certified PROOF-66 SOLD
Hungary 1906; Gold 20 Korona; gold content .1960oz AU $345 SOLD
India 1270-1311 AD; Yadavas of Devagiri; Gold Tanka with lotus flower; XF SOLD
India 1724; Mughal; Gold Mohur; Muhammed Shah AH1131-1161 (1719-1748 AD); Year 6; KM 439.4; NGC graded MS-62 SOLD
India 1730; Mughal; Gold Mohur; Muhammed Shah AH1131-1161 (1719-1748 AD); Year 11; Nice AU grade SOLD
India 1819; Madras Presidency; Gold Mohur; bright with reflective fields; AU-UNC SOLD
India 1820; Madras Presidency; Gold 5 Rupees; English East India Company; KM-422; NGC certified MS-61 $1350 SOLD
India 1820; Madras Presidency; Gold Third Mohur; English East India Company; Fr 1590; PCGS certified AU-58 SOLD
India 1840; Silver 1 Rupee; Queen Victoria; 28 berries; type II with WW initials; NGC graded AU-58 SOLD
India 1840; Silver 1 Rupee; Queen Victoria; 28 berries; type II with WW initials; Uncirculated with luster! NGC graded MS-60 SOLD
India 1841; Gold Mohur; Queen Victoria; divided legend type; plain 4; KM# 462.1; NGC Certified AU-58 SOLD
India 1862 C; Gold Mohur; Queen Victoria; NGC Certified MS-61 SOLD
India 1862; Gold Mohur; Queen Victoria; Nearly UNC coin with a few extra scrapes in the obverse left field; not cleaned $2300 SOLD
India 1862; Kutch; Gold 25 Kori; PCGS graded MS-64 SOLD
India 1889-c; Empress Victoria; Gold Mohur; mintage of just 15000 pieces; NGC graded MS-63 $3400 SOLD
India 1918; Gold Sovereign; I mintmark for Bombay; .2354oz AGW; NGC certified MS-64 SOLD
India 1937; Gold Half Mohur; Bikanir; Ganga Singh; restrike PROOF $1100 SOLD
India 1940; AH1360; Gold 1-8th Ashrafi (1.38g) Hyderabad Princely States; Mir Usman Ali Khan; NGC certified MS-61 SOLD
India 1942; VS1999; Gold Mohur from Jodhpur; FR-1234; PCGS MS-63 SOLD
India 1945 Rajkot State; Gold Mohur restrike; F-1368; NGC certified MS-64 SOLD
India 365 AD and later; Kushan rulers; Vasu Deva III (360-365 AD); Gold Dinar (7.5g); Fr 44; Gobl 594; Nice XF SOLD
Indonesia 1974; Gold 100000 Rupees; Comodo Dragon .9676oz AGW; nice BU SOLD
Iran 1899; Qajars (Nasir al-Din Shah) AH 1317; Gold 5 Tomans; Medal of Bravery; only a slight trace of a mount at top; Grade AU SOLD
Iran 1916 (AH1335); Gold 1 Toman; Qajar; .0832oz AGW; AU SOLD
Iran 1977; Year 2536; Gold 2.50 Pahlavi; Gold content .5885oz AGW; Choice UNC SOLD
Iran 1979; SH1358; Gold 10 Pahlavi; Last year of issue; Gold content 2.354oz AGW; NGC graded MS-64 SOLD
Iran 1979; SH1358; Gold Quarter Azadi; .0588oz AGW; KM 1238; UNC SOLD
Islamic 1753-1779; Zand Dynasty; Karim Khan; Gold Quarter Mohur; Tabriz mint; AH 1188; 2.66g; Grade XF SOLD
Isle of Man 1984; Gold 1 ounce Angel; .PROOF SOLD
Isle of Man 1984; Gold 1 ounce Noble; .PROOF; NGC PF-69 Ultra Cameo SOLD
Isle of Man 2002; Queen Elizabeth Jubilee; Gold Crown with red gold center; white gold; and yellow gold; 35 grams; 750 fine; Gold .8440oz AGW; priced at just the spot gold value! SOLD
Israel 1960; Gold 20 Lirot; Herzi; .2355oz AGW; UNC SOLD
Italy 1036-1094; Gold Tari (1.0g); Palermo Sicily; FR-875a; Abu Tamim Mustansir (Fatamids); Grade AU $265 SOLD
Italy 1130-1154; Gold Tari (0.8g); Palermo Sicily; FR-875a; Roger II; Grade AU $400 SOLD
Italy 1361-1365; Venice; Gold Ducat; Doge Lorenzo Celsi; well struck and nice uncirculated coin; ICG graded MS-63 SOLD
Italy 1376-1401; Bologna; Gold Bolognino; Lion holding flag; Weight 3.5g; Biaggi 368; Fr 113; crease in center; Grade VF; rare SOLD
Italy 1382-1400; Venice; Gold Ducat; Antonio Venier as Doge LXII; FR-1229; NGC certified AU-58 SOLD
Italy 1522; Lucca; Gold Scudo; Fr-490; Grade XF SOLD
Italy 1609-1622; Firenze (Tuscany); Cosimo II de Medici; Gold Doppia; FR-310; NGC graded XF-40 SOLD
Italy 1709-1722; Venice; Gold Zecchino; Giovanni Corner II; FB-1372 VF (hole fixed) SOLD
Italy 1754; Naples Sicily; Gold 2 Ducati; Charles Bourbon; Grade Fine $490 SOLD
Italy 1763-1778; Venice; Gold Ducat; Alvise Mocenigo; Nice AU SOLD
Italy 1786; Sardinia; Gold Half Doppia; scarce type; NGC certified VF-25 SOLD
Italy 1808 M; Gold 40 Lire; Napoleon; 0.3734oz AGW; NGC certified XF-45 SOLD
Italy 1815; Parma; Gold 40 Lire; .3734oz AGW; NGC certified XF-45 SOLD
Italy 1829; Sede Vacante; Gold Doppia; .1612oz; Fr 257; used in jewelry; Grade VF $310 SOLD
Italy 1830; Sardinia; Gold 20 Lire; Torino Mint; Fr 1136; very nice condition for this type; rare AU SOLD
Italy 1832; Sardinia; Gold 20 Lire; Torino Mint; Fr 1142; better than normally seen; XF-AU SOLD
Italy 1838; Sardinia; Gold 20 Lire; Genova mint; Nice AU $500 SOLD
Italy 1840; Sardinia; Gold 20 Lire; .1867oz AGW; Torino mint; Grade VF SOLD
Italy 1850; Naples Sicily; Gold 30 Ducati; large 37.87g; 1.2128oz AGW; KM C#157e; Bright luster; UNC SOLD
Italy 1912; Gold 20 Lire; a rare coin; NGC graded MS-62 SOLD
Italy 1931 IX; Gold 50 Lire; nice UNC $580 SOLD
Jordan 1974; Gold Quarter Dinar; mintage only 100 pieces; .9785oz AGW; NGC graded PR-64 SOLD
Korea (South) 1970; Silver Proof Set; Republic of Korea Bank Decree; 6 coin set; 50 100 200 250 500 and 1000 Won; in original package with certificate SOLD
Korea 1898; Quarter Yang; KM-1117; nice unc; NGC MS-63 $175 SOLD
Kurdistan 2003; Gold 1000 Dinars; .4938oz AGW; KM X4; ICG graded PR-69 SOLD
Laos 1971; Gold 4000 Kip; KM-9; .1157oz AGW; PROOF SOLD
Laos 1975; Gold 50000 Kip; Mintage just 175 pieces; Reverse is That Luang Temple; .1041oz AGW; PROOF SOLD
Liberia 2002; Gold $40 Stella; 0.25oz AGW; PCGS certified PR-69 SOLD
Liechtenstein 1930; Gold 20 Franken; .1867oz AGW; NGC graded MS-62 SOLD
Lithuania 1558; Silver Half Grosz; Gum-598; nice lustrous UNC $120 SOLD
Luxembourgh 1964; Gold 20 Francs; Coronation; .1867oz AGW; NGC certified MS-65 SOLD
Macao 1987; Rabbit; Gold 1000 Patacas; .4710oz AGW plus silver 100 Patacas; PROOF set with box and COA! SOLD
Malawi 1978; Gold 250 Kwacha; .9676oz AGW; KM17; part of the United Nations Conservation Series; NGC graded MS-68 SOLD
Mexico 1700-1746; Gold 8 Escudos Cob; Philip V; 26.8g; probably from the 1715 Fleet shipwreck; Grade XF SOLD
Mexico 1715; Gold 4 Escudos Cob; bottom of date showing; bold assayer and mint; bold shield and very strong cross on the reverse; NGC graded MS-62; probably from the 1715 Fleet Treasure SOLD
Mexico 1790; Campeche; Gold Proclamation; 38.75g 39.5mm; King Charles IV; described as extremely rare and possibly unique by Ponterio; Ex-Ponterio Aug 2009 Lot 9031; This type is not known in gold; ex-jewelry otherwise XF grade SOLD
Mexico 1802 Mo-FT; Gold 1 Escudo; King Charles IV; Lustrous coin with little wear but it has a weak center strike; Grade XF SOLD
Mexico 1805 TH; Silver 8 Reales; deep proof-like fields; cameo devices; beautiful coin; Choice UNC SOLD
Mexico 1809 HJ; Gold 8 Escudos; Ferdinand VII; with rose toning around the edge; NGC graded AU-58 SOLD
Mexico 1847 Mo-RC; Gold 8 Escudos; scarcer date-mint; Gold content .7616oz AGW; ANACS graded VF-30 SOLD
Mexico 1863 Go-PF; Gold Half Escudo; Grade AU SOLD
Mexico 1866; Maximillian; Gold 20 Pesos; nice bright coin; NGC graded MS-62 (Looks like MS-63) SOLD
Mexico 1870 Go-S; Gold 20 Pesos; very lustrous coin; NGC certified MS-62 SOLD
Mexico 1888 M-Ca Gold 1 Peso; rare mint; NGC MS-62 SOLD
Mexico 1896 ZS FZ; Silver 8 Reales; Zacatecas; fully struck center; wonderful luster with beautiful rose-blue toning around the edge on the reverse; NGC certified MS-64 SOLD
Mexico 1903 MoM Gold 1 Peso; bright lustrous and proof-like; ANACS MS-63 SOLD
Mexico 1921; Gold 50 Pesos; key date; UNC (MS-62 quality) $1925 SOLD
Mexico 1959 M; Gold 10 Pesos; .2411oz AGW; NGC graded MS-63 restrike SOLD
Mexico 1992; Gold Jaguar $1000 Pesos; 1oz pure gold; NGC certified MS-69 SOLD
Mongolia 1980; Gold 750 Tugrik; .5437oz AGW; PROOF SOLD
Mongolia 1980; Gold 750 Tugrik; PIEFORT 37.7g weight; double-thick planchet; extremely low mintage; PROOF SOLD
Mongolia 1980; Silver PIEFORT 25 Tugrik; rare coin; NGC certified PR-69 UC SOLD
Mongolia 2000; Gold 2500 Tugriks; .2500oz AGW; Dragon; PROOF $500 SOLD
Mongolia 2002; Gold 10000 Tugriks; Chinggis Khan; 1 ounce 9999 fine gold; NGC graded PROOF-70 SOLD
Nepal 1995; Gold Asarfi; 1 ounce pure 9999 gold; Lord Buddha; PROOF SOLD
Nepal 2003; Gold 5 ounce 9999 fine; Conquest of Everest; with Sir Edmund Hillary authograph!; includes wood box and certificate; mintage 99; PROOF SOLD
Netherlands 1506-1555; Gold Gulden; Vlaanderen; 2.88g; Rare VF SOLD
Netherlands 1607; Utrecht; Gold Ducat; NGC certified AU-58 SOLD
Netherlands 1650; Utrecht; Gold Ducat; NGC certified AU-50 SOLD
Netherlands 1650; Westfriesland; Gold Ducat; Nice bright luster; NGC certified MS-61 $580 SOLD
Netherlands 1729; Utrecht; Gold Ducat; .1109oz AGW; KM 7; NGC certified MS-61; probably from the shipwreck Viegenthart SOLD
Netherlands 1736; Gold Ducat from Holland; wavy XF SOLD
Netherlands 1760; Utrecht; Gold 14 Gulden; .2947oz; KM 104; NGC MS-62 SOLD
Netherlands 1766; Gold Ducat from Holland; NGC certified AU-53 SOLD
Netherlands 1777; Gold Ducat from Holland; Grade XF SOLD
Netherlands 1809; Gold Ducat; Napoleon; Grade VF (small mark on reverse) SOLD
Netherlands 1828 B; Gold 10 Gulden; Brussels mint; Bright nice luster; NGC graded MS-64 $1800 SOLD
Netherlands 1897; Gold 10 Gulden; scarcer type; deep gold color and very lustrous; PCGS MS-64 $375 SOLD
Netherlands 1898; Gold 10 Gulden; scarcer type; UNC (MS-64 quality) SOLD
Netherlands East Indies 1928; Silver Half Gulden; NGC MS-61 SOLD
Norway 1874; Gold 5 Species (20 Kroner); KM-348; Oscar II; NGC certified MS-62 SOLD
Norway 1886; Gold 20 Kroner; NGC certified MS-63 $750 SOLD