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フランス 金貨:12年12月更新

France 1335 Orange; Raymond III or IV; Gold Florin (in Florentine style); FR-189; VF $800
France 1350-1364; Jean II Le Bon; Gold Franc; This is the first Franc issued by France; Fr-279; NGC XF-40 $2500
France 1362-1372; Edward the Black Prince of Aquitaine; Gold 1 Pavillion Dor; Fb-5; Bordeaux Mint; NGC XF-40; Rare $7000
France 1483-1498; チャールス8世; エクドール金貨 au Soliel; ANACS AU-55 $925
France 1717-A ルイ15世; ルイドール金貨; パリミント; flashy luster; レアタイプ! NGC MS-64 $6800
France 1744-R ルイ15世; ルイドール金貨; overdate 4 over 3; Orleans mint; PCGS XF-45 $1700
France 1786-A ルイ16世; ルイドール金貨; PCGS AU-50 $750
France 1786-D ルイ16世; 2ルイドール金貨; NGC AU-58 (very nearly UNC) $1400
France 1786-T ルイ16世; ルイドール金貨; NGC MS-61; minimal adjustment marks; bright luster $950
France 1786-T ルイ16世; ルイドール金貨; NGC MS-62; minimal adjustment marks; bright luster $1150
France 1786-T ルイ16世; 2ルイドール金貨; NGC MS-64; a wow coin with great flashy luster and bright gold color $4000
France 1803-1834; 40フラン金貨 22枚組;ナポレオン ルイ18世; チャールス10世; ルイフィリップ; 各 .3734oz $16850
France 1803-A (AN-12) 20フラン金貨; ナポレオン; NGC XF-40 $445
France 1803-A (AN-12) 40フラン金貨; ナポレオン; Uncirculated; NGC MS-61 $2500
France 1806-U; 40フラン金貨; ナポレオン; PCGS XF-45 $855
France 1809-A; 20フラン金貨; ナポレオン; .1867oz AGW; パリミント; Bright UNC $1500
France 1809-M; 40フラン金貨; ナポレオン; Toulouseミント; Mazard 410 A; 製造数1402枚; bright and lustrous (AU-58 in our opinion) PCGS AU-55 $4200
France 1815-B; 20フラン金貨; ルイ18世; Rouen mint; .1867oz AGW; NGC AU-50 $815
France 1820s Gold Brockage Error; Gold 20 Francs; ルイ18世; very rare $8500
France 1824-A; 20フラン金貨; ルイ18世; .1867oz AGW; PCGS MS-62 with bright luster $1000
France 1825-A; 20フラン金貨; Charles X; パリミント; .1867oz AGW; Rare UNC; NGC MS-63 $1750
France 1825-W; 20フラン金貨; Charles X; .1867oz VF $440
France 1858-A; 100フラン金貨; ナポレオン3世; .9335oz; NGC AU-55 SOLD
France 1862 E; ESSAI 10 coin set; E mintmarks; Uniface trial strikes for the 100 Franc; 50 Franc; 20 Franc; 10 Franc and 5 Franc gold coins; One side is gold plated; The other side is bronze; Brilliant PROOF condition $4400
France 1862-BB; 50フラン金貨; Strasbourg mint; Gadoury 1113; ナポレオン3世月桂樹冠 .4667oz AGW; AU $1000
France 1893-A; 20フラン金貨; 天使 (Genie); 稀年; NGC MS-63 $660
France 1897-A; 20フラン金貨; 天使 (Genie); .1867oz AGW; PCGS MS-61 $375
France 1898-A; 20フラン金貨; 天使 (Genie); .1867oz AGW; NGC MS-64 $450
France 1909-A 100フラン金貨; 天使 .9335oz; beautiful coin with luster and very few marks; none graded higher at NGC; NGC MS-64 $6800
France 1910-A 100フラン金貨; 天使 .9335oz; AU $2200
France 1912-A 100フラン金貨; 天使 .9335oz; NGC AU-58 $2400
France 1912-A 100フラン金貨; 天使 .9335oz; NGC MS-60 $2600
France 1912; Gold 20 Francs; Rooster; .1867oz AGW; NGC MS-63 SOLD
France 2000; Libertas Americana Gold Medal; Originally struck in 1783 with design by Benjamin Franklin; This gold restrike minted by Monnaie De Paris; Number 363 of 500; 64 grams of 920 fine gold; 1.89oz AGW; PROOF with COA and blue box $4200
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France 1333-1349; Dauphine; Humbert II; Gold Florin; Good details; a few rim bumps; Grade AU $500 SOLD
France 1807-A; Gold 40 Francs; bare-head Napoleon I; scarcer type VF SOLD
France 1808-1812; Napoleon I; Gold group of 50 coins; Each coin is .3734oz AGW; Gold 40 Francs; VF-AU grades (please email us if you would like to buy a group like this one) SOLD
France 1812-Rome; Gold 20 Francs; Napoleon I; Crowned R mintmark for Rome; a rare coin; Grade VF (small rim nick on reverse) $1000 SOLD
France 1814-Q; Gold 20 Francs; Louis XVIII; Perpignan mint; .1867oz AGW; Grade VF SOLD
France 1815-B; Gold 20 Francs; Louis XVIII; Rouen mint; .1867oz AGW; Grade VF- $320 SOLD
France 1815-R; Gold 20 Francs; Louis XVIII; London mint; .1867oz AGW; Grade XF (scratched obverse) SOLD
France 1815-W; Gold 20 Francs; Louis XVIII; .1867oz AGW; Grade XF SOLD
France 1822-A; Gold 20 Francs; Louis XVIII; .1867oz AGW; Grade XF $268 SOLD
France 1879-A Gold 100 Francs; Angel .9335oz; PCGS certified MS-64 SOLD
France 1887-A Gold 100 Francs; Angel .9335oz; one of the key rare dates; mintage only 234 coins; NGC certified MS-64 $16500 SOLD
France 1904-A; Gold 50 Francs; Angel; the key coin to the type set; lustrous UNC with bagmarks SOLD
France 1929 Gold 100 Francs Essai Piefort; Famous Bazor design; Reported mintage of 9 coins; PCGS graded SPECIMEN-62 SOLD
France 1929 Gold 100 Francs Essai Set! 10 coins struck in BRASS; perfect original box! SOLD
France 1929 Gold 100 Francs; Bazor; Original issue with a mintage 15 coins; AU SOLD
France 1977; Gold 9pc Piefort Set; Mintage 32 sets only! Individual mintages 32pcs to 53pcs only. The coins are in original plastic with 9 certificates; 268.5g of gold; 7.94oz AGW; RARE! $13000 SOLD