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フランス 銀貨 & マイナーコイン:

France 1660; Louis XIV; Ecu de Navarre a la Moche Longue; St. Palais mint; rare type; Davenport-3800; NOW certified by NGC VF-35 $900
France 1668; Louis XIV; Silver Medal; 34mm with plain edge; nice nearly as struck; Grade AU $650
France 1720-A; Louix XV; Ecu; scarce type; Gad 319; XF $1000
France 1745-&; Louis XV; Silver Ecu; nice UNC $1200
France 1801; AN-11; Essai Decime; Convention; 34mm 23.5g AU $355
France 1811-T; Napoleon I; Silver 5 Francs; nicely toned AU $220
France 1824-A; Louis XVIII; Silver 5 Francs; Nice UNC $630
France 1832; Henry V; Piefort 5 France in silver; 6mm thick; 63.2g plain edge; no mintmark; PROOF $4500
France 1832; Henry V; Quad Piefort 1 France in silver; 5mm thick; 21.8g plain edge PROOF $2700
France 1848-A; Louis Philippe; Silver 5 Francs; Flashy Lustrous UNC $450
France 1848; Aquitaine; 1 Gascon; nice proof NGC PF-64 BN $700
France 1853; Napoleon III; Silver 5 Francs ESSAI by Bouvet; Maz-1635; scarce PROOF $2200
France 1870-A; Napoleon III; Silver 5 Francs AU+ $325
France 1913; Essai 25 Centimes; ANACS MS-65 Gem $315
France 1933; Essai 5 Francs; Set of 5 coins; All different proposed designs struck in nickel; UNC $1950
France 1943; French Colonies; 10 Cents; KM#4; this type was not released for circulation; very rare; ex-Chirico UNC $650
France 1987; 100 Francs Silver PIEFORT; double-thick with .8680oz of silver; NGC MS-66 $35
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France 1702-A; Louis XIV; Silver Ecu; reformation; XF $450 SOLD
France 1715-A; Louis XV; 1/4 Ecu aux 3 Couronnes; The King of regular issue French silver coins (Only 4 coins known outside of French museums) SOLD
France 1797; AN-6; Directoire; Silver 5 Francs; Hercules; choice UNC with great old toning and luster SOLD
France 1812-T; Napoleon I; Silver 5 Francs; AU $450 SOLD
France 1832-Q; Louis Philippe; Silver 5 Francs; AU SOLD
France 1832; Henry V; Quintuple Piefort 1 France in copper; 6mm thick; PROOF SOLD
France 1853; Napoleon III; Silver 5 Francs ESSAI PIEFORT by Bouvet; Maz-1635a; rare PROOF SOLD
France 1874-A; Hurcules; Silver 5 Francs UNC SOLD
France 1921; 1 Franc; Bon Pour; mint error (reverse capped die); deep die cap with great luster and purple toning; quite rare; NGC MS-64 SOLD
France 1987; 100 Francs Platinum; .6430oz APW; PROOF with box and certificate SOLD