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イギリス 銀貨 & マイナーコイン:

Great Britain 1601; Elizabeth I; Silver Half Crown; nice portrait; VF-XF $4800
Great Britain 1743; George II; Crown; nice AU with some blue toning $1800
Great Britain 1754; George II; Farthing AU $150
Great Britain 1799; Warwickshire Birmingham; Coppen Penny Token; Yeoman on horse; Promissory token issued by Thomas Welch Second Troop 1799; very rare; mintage 24 pieces; DH 27a RR; UNC $550
Great Britain 1804 George III; Copper Proof Pattern; Bank of England 5 Shillings; ESC 198; beautiful deep color and sharp strike; NGC certified PROOF-64BN $6000
Great Britain 1811; Isle of Man; Peel Castle; Douglas Bank Token Penny; 30mm; sailing ships on the ocean VF $260
Great Britain 1816; George III; British Guiana (Demerary and Essequibo) ; 3 Guilders; rare type; KM 15; Grade AU $1000
Great Britain 1820; George III; Pattern Crown in copper by Droz; Hercules seated; ESC 244; stunning mirror fields; NGC PROOF-67BN (perhaps the finest known) $5500
Great Britain 1831; William IV; PROOF Crown; Extremely rare; plain edge; KM 715; S3833; PCGS certified PROOF 64 + SOLD
Great Britain 1844; Victoria; Silver Groat (4 Pence); Young-head Queen; Lustrous with amber-blue toning; NGC certified MS-65 $400
Great Britain 1873; Victoria (Bun head type); Farthing; blazing luster and mostly original red color remaining; S 3958; NGC graded MS-65 RB $125
Great Britain 1889; Victoria; Jubilee head; Silver Double Florin; XF-AU $90
Great Britain 1904; Edward VII; Penny; full luster and original color! NGC certified MS-64RB $300
Great Britain 1930B; Silver Trade Dollar; NGC certified MS-62; bright luster $290
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Great Britain 1551 Edward IV; Half Crown; S.2479; Grade VF SOLD
Great Britain 1553; Edward VI; Silver Crown; S.2478 N.1933; Nice VF SOLD
Great Britain 1642; Charles I; Half Pound; choice example with round flan and strong details; S-2924; VF-XF SOLD
Great Britain 1653; Commonwealth Crown; choice coindition with few flan flaws and strong details; XF SOLD
Great Britain 1660-1685; King Charles II; Maundy set of 4 coins; includes the 1d 2d 3d and 4d; S.3391 F-VF grades SOLD
Great Britain 1707-E; Silver Crown; Queen Anne; ESC-103; Edinburgh; NGC graded XF-45 SOLD
Great Britain 1718 King George I; Half Penny; AU SOLD
Great Britain 1724 King George I; Half Penny VF-XF SOLD
Great Britain 1760; George III; Silver Accession Medal by John Kirk; Entirely British on the reverse; 35mm rare; some hairlines but nearly as struck $500 SOLD
Great Britain 1813; George III; British Guiana (Essequibo and Demerary); Half Stiver; NGC certified MS-61BN (some wax on reverse) SOLD
Great Britain 1821; George IV; Original Silver Coronation Medal; very high relief; some hairlines noted but nearly as struck; 35mm $500 SOLD
Great Britain 1826; George IV; PROOF Silver Crown; natural toning; deep mirror fields with purple and blue colors; no problems; PR-62 quality SOLD
Great Britain 1837; Victoria; Bonomi Pattern Crown in tin; Mintage 10; Numbered 1 on the edge; ESC-323; Ex-Paget; Weight 19.1g; Nice PROOF $4000 SOLD
Great Britain 1848; Victoria; Rare Silver Pattern Florin; ESC-911; nice original toning with bright fields and some blue color; NGC certified PROOF-63 SOLD
Great Britain 1848; Victoria; Silver Pattern Florin; ESC-886; Godless type; NGC certified PROOF-64 Cameo; nice deep original color SOLD
Great Britain 1864; Victoria; 4 Pence; UNC SOLD
Great Britain 1887; Victoria; Jubilee Crown; beautiful and lustrous; PCGS MS-66 SOLD
Great Britain 1887; Victoria; Jubilee Crown; grey toning with purple and blue around the edge; PCGS MS-66 old holder SOLD