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Greek 120-63 BC; Pontic Kingdom; Thrace; AV Gold Stater; Mithradates VI; portrait of Alexander the Great; NGC Certified Choice AU $1500
Greek 323-315 BC; Macedonia; AV Gold Stater; Philip II; choice with great strike and beautiful style; ICG certified AU-58; Amphipolis mint $6400
Greek 425-406 BC; Akragas - Sicily; AE Hemilitron; Crab; 28mm $380
Greek 449-413 BC; Athens; AR Tetradrachm; Athena with owl on reverse; VF $290
Greek 460-340 BC; Lucania Metapont; AR Didrachm 7.7g; ear of wheat; SNG ANS 364; scarcer head type VF $620
Greek 480-461 BC; Messana - Sicily; AR Litra; Rabbit jumping right; 11mm Fine $85
Greek 500-495 BC; Gela - Sicily; AR Didrachm; Crab; 18mm 8.5g VF $685
Greek 510-470 BC; Metapontion; AR Stater; 8.08g VF $525
Greek 94-92 BC; Seleucid; AR Tetradrachm; Antiochos X; Zeus enthroned on reverse; 15.8g; handsome coin VF $405
Roman 67 BC; Republic; C. Calpurnius Piso Frugi; AR Denarius; Choice $680
Roman 58-59 AD; Nero Caesar; AV Gold Aureus; bold portrait; 7.6g; Grade VF (slide mark on the left reverse) $3800
Roman 96-98 AD; Nerva Caesar; AR Denarius; Fortuna standng holding cornucopiae; RIC 16; VF $215
Roman 251-253 AD; Volusian; AR Antoninian; VF $190
Roman 259 AD; Saloninus; AR Antoninian (silver based) VF $80
Roman 309-313 AD; Maximinus II; AE Follis; Alexandria VF $90
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Greek 285-246 BC; Egypt; AV Gold Octodrachm 27.8g; Ptolemy II; Veiled bust of Arsinoe II; Double cornucopiae on reverse; the largest of the Greek gold coins; Rare nice VF-XF SOLD
Greek 317-289 BC; Sicily Syracuse; Agathokles; Electrum 50 Litrai (3.6g); Apollo left with altar behind; reverse tripod; SNG ANS 622 (same obverse die); XF (edge badly scraped probably from a mounting) $1650 SOLD
Greek 349-346 BC; Macedonia; AV Gold Stater; Philip II; beautiful style; Amphipolis mint; 8.56g; Ex Auction Cr?it de la Bourse in Paris April 22 1992 (lot 14); Grade AU SOLD
Greek 416-357 BC; Thrace Byzantium; AR Drachm; Cow over dolphin; Grained incuse punch on reverse; 5.3g SOLD
Greek 420-375 BC; Persia; Achaemenid Empire; Gold AV Daric (8.3g); Persian king right with spear and bow; well-struck and preserved XF SOLD
Greek 456-431 BC; Aegina; Islands off Attica; AR Stater; Turtle (Land Tortoise) with shell segment detail; quite nice with complete turtle showing; Dewing 1683; 12.3g VF $2480 SOLD
Greek 561-546 BC; Lydia Kroisos; Gold Stater; Lion facing Bull; Incuse punch on reverse; one of the earliest gold coins; 8.04g; NGC Graded XF SOLD
Roman 70 BC; Republic; Q. Fufius Calenus; AR Denarius; Choice $490 SOLD
Roman 46-45 BC; Julius Caesar; AR Denarius; Spanish mint; 3.85g RSC 14; Grade VF $650 SOLD
Roman 44 BC; Julius Caesar; AV Gold Aureus (7.99g); superb surfaces; NGC certified VF SOLD
Roman 27 BC- 14 AD; Augustus Caesar; AR Denarius (3.6g) Colonia Patricia 19BC; RIC I 77a; nice about XF with a small amount of blue toning SOLD
Roman 82 AD; Domitian; AV Gold Aureus; rare type with helmeted Minerva; Ric 138; 7.2g; very expensive in higher grades; Grade Fine (with slight edge smoothing in one spot) $2500 SOLD
Roman 450-457 AD; Marcian; AV Gold Solidus (4.26g) RIC 509; VF SOLD