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アルバニア 1988; Gold 7500 Leke; First railroad with train entering and leaving tunnel; KM #64; Gold content is 14 ounces! 483.75 grams of 900 fine gold; Only 50pcs minted; COA is coin number 26; includes wood box and COA; PROOF $46500
キューバ 1897; 1 Peso struck in Bronze; Rare variety without PAT 97 but with wide spaced date; Very few of the silver strike are known to exist; we can find no record of this variety in bronze in the archives; KM XM1 Var (no listing in krause); nice brown color; weak strike on hair near temple as noted on the silver version; A special coin for the Cuban specialist collector; NGC certified AU-55 (looks more like AU-58) $8000
ドイツ 1750; プルシア; Gold 1 Frederick Dor; Fr 2381; Berlin mint; NGC certified XF-45 $2250
イギリス 1825; ジョージ4世; 冠なし; ソブリン金貨; 最高グレード (properly graded with few marks and great unbroken luster) NGC MS-65 (NGCこの年最高評価) $17500
インド 1841; モハール金貨; ビクトリア女王; divided legend type; plain 4; KM# 462.1; NGC MS-61 $7500
イタリア 1726; ベニス; Gold 4 Zecchini (Osella); Diameter 34mm; Reverse is Venetian warship; Commemorates the dredging of the Giudecca canal for Ventian ships to maneuver in case of Turkish attack; very rare; PCGS graded AU-58 $14500
日本 1860-1862 (万延) 大判; 81mm x 134mm; 121.4g; machine-made horizontal indentations variety; original ink in a choice state of preservation; JNDA鑑定付き オリジナルインク; Choice UNC (includes wood presentation box) $38000
オランダ 1851; 5 ギルダー金貨; KM 94; Seldom seen in any grade; NGC最高評価! NGC MS-65 $5500
スイス 1800 B; Helevetian Republic; Gold 32 Franken; FR-281; KM-13; deep gold color and reflective fields; better struck than most of this type; NGC MS-62 $8000
タイ 1868-1910; Rama V; Gold 1 Baht Bullet (15.1g); very rare; Grade XF+ $10000
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Bohemia 1621; Gold 10 Ducats; Ferdinand II of Austria; Prague mint; Holy Roman Empire; Fr 38; Nice AU grade coin with some field smoothing SOLD
Burma - Myanmar 1991; Gold 8.164g; 999.9 pure; Gold content .2625oz AGW; We have never seen this coin before! Includes box and COA; Grade UNC $700 SOLD
Chile 1828; Coquimbo Peso; Nice reflective fields with blue toning; Ex Leu 2003; AU-58 Quality; Rare and desireable; One of the most famous Latin American Crowns! SOLD
China 1928; Kweichow; First Road (Auto Dollar) L&M 609; Nice grey color and good details; NGC graded VF-25 SOLD
China Shanghai; Fantasy 25 Tael Gold; struck around 1919 in Shanghai; large 70.7g; diameter 48mm; UNC SOLD
Czechoslovakia 1923; Gold 1 Ducat; This is the serial numbered type; Serial # 692; Nice AU-UNC SOLD
Czechoslovakia 1951; Gold Dukat 4 coin Set of 10 Ducats; 5 Ducats; 2 Ducats and 1 Ducat; Saint Wenceslaus (Tschechoslowakei); very rare set; UNC SOLD
Greek 246-222 BC; Ptolemaic Kingdom; AV Gold Octodrachm (27.8g); Struck under Ptolemy IV as a commemorative of Ptolemy III; beautiful coin with high relief; NGC certified AU SOLD
Tibet 1910; Gold Tangka; extremely rare; approximately 6 known with one of those impounded at the British Museum! Grade XF SOLD
Vietnam 1848-1883; Annam; Tu Duc; Silver 2 Lang (20 Tien); Extremely rare denomination that is 87mm in diameter; 76g weight; smoothing repair at top and bottom; Grade AU-UNC SOLD
Yap 1800s; Island of Yap stone money; this is a large one of 53 pounds; diameter 17.5 inches; very rare; We buy large Yap stones; please contact us if you have one. SOLD