Coins For Sale:

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Clark Smith


US 1838; Seated Liberty Quarter; Nice AU-55 quality $950
US 1867 California Gold Quarter Dollar; BG-805; Liberty round; old green PCGS holder MS-64 $750
US 1871 California Gold 1/2 Dollar; BG-1027; Liberty round; old green PCGS holder MS-62 (proof-like fields) $345
US 1871 California Gold Half Dollar; BG-1011; Liberty round; magnificient fresh fields; old green PCGS holder MS-65 (looks MS-66) $1100
US 1872/1 California Gold 1/4 Dollar; BG-790; Indian octagonal; old green PCGS holder MS-64 (proof-like fields) $575
US 1874 California Gold 1 Dollar; BG-1124; Indian head; octagonal; nice AU-58 quality $850
US 1880 California Gold Quarter Dollar; BG-799Y; Indian octagonal; old green PCGS holder MS-64 (probably MS-65; relective fields) $750
US 1893-CC $20 Liberty Gold Double Eagle; Carson City Mint; a nice coin that looks uncirculated; PCGS AU-58 $7900
US 1904 $20 Liberty Gold Double Eagle; certified NGC MS-63 $2100
US 1907-d $5 Liberty Gold Half Eagle; sharp lustrous coin in old green holder; PCGS MS-64 $3000
US 1927 Abraham Lincoln; Gold Dollar Token (2.45g) AU; By Thomas Elder $335
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US 1852 California Gold 1/2 Dollar; BG-407; Liberty round; Grade XF SOLD
US 1855 Kellogg Gold $50; one of only 12 or 13 known! PCGS genuine holder (rims filed); ex-Buddy Epsen sale by Superior in 1987 SOLD
US 1856 $2.50 Liberty Gold Quarter Eagle; NGC certified AU-58 $345 SOLD
US 1860/56 California Gold 1/2 Dollar; BG-1014; Liberty round; old green PCGS holder MS-61 $475 SOLD
US 1865 $5 Gold Liberty; Civil War Era Proof; Mintage 25; PCGS certified PR-53; mirror fields remaining in the protected areas SOLD
US 1893 $20 Liberty Gold Double Eagle; UNC SOLD
US 1909 Alaska Gold 1 DWT; Alaska-Yukon Pacific Exposition; NGC certified MS-63 SOLD
US 1909 Alaska Gold Half DWT; small 12mm AU-UNC SOLD
US 1910-D $10 Indian Gold Eagle; Nice lustrous AU-UNC SOLD
US 1910-S $10 Indian Gold Eagle; Grade VF SOLD
US 1927 $20 Gold Saint Gaudens Double Eagle; no motto; PCGS MS-66 in old green holder $4000 SOLD
US 1998 Gold Eagle Uncirculated Set; 4 coins; 1.85oz pure gold; in display case $2300 SOLD
US California Gold (tokens) presentation of 25 tokens for framing (about 7 x 10 inches) SOLD