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Albania 1938 R; Gold 20 Franga Ari; KM PR51 in gold; mintage 50 pieces; Prova (pattern) issue; NGC certified MS-63 $3000
Brazil 1851; Gold 20000 Reis; Type I; .5286oz AGW; Uncirculated with good luster; NGC graded MS-62 $1900
Canada 1881; Gold 2 Dollars; Newfoundland; Queen Victoria; NGC AU-55 $625
Chile 1751; Gold 8 Escudos; Bright coin with flashy fields; strong strike; NGC certified MS-64 (one of the finest of the Luz shipwreck coins) $7800
France 1803-A (AN-12) Gold 20 Francs; Napoleon I Premier Consul; NGC graded AU-58 ! $1250
France 1803-A (AN-12) Gold 40 Francs; Napoleon Premier Consul; NGC certified AU-58 $1250
France 1911-A Gold 100 Francs; Angel .9335oz; PCGS graded MS-62 $1875
Great Britain 1817; George III; Gold Half Sovereign; NGC MS-64; flashy lustrous gem! $1650
Guatemala 1869; Gold 5 Pesos; KM 198; .2333oz AGW; NGC graded AU-58 $575
Hungary 1870; Gold Ducat; restrike .1107oz AGW; KM 457; NGC certified PROOF-68 (highest graded!) $650
India 1788; Bengal Presidency; AH 1202 yr 19; Gold Half Mohur; NGC graded AU-53 $785
India 1820; Madras Presidency; Gold 5 Rupees; English East India Company; KM-422; NGC certified AU-58 $980
Italy 1912 R; Gold 10 Lire; a rare coin; NGC graded MS-63 $7000
Japan 1800s; Local provincial coinage of Koshu; Gold Ichi-bu Kin; KM#94; weight 3.7g; Nice XF (not chop-marked) PCGS certified VF-25 $700
Paraguay 1953; Proof 3pc set; 10 Cent; 15 Cent; 25 Cent; from the Whittier collection; Mintage listed in Krause as 1 minted (but perhaps 20 were minted); NGC PF 63 63 64 $1000
Russia 1923; Soviet Union; Gold 10 Roubles; Chervonetz; NGC graded MS-64 $3500
South Africa 1894; Gold Half Pond; One of the rarest and finest; no problem coin of nice quality; NGC certified MS-63 $15500
South Africa 2003; Prestige 10 year of Krugerrand-Natura set; Included half ounce and quarter ounce lion natura proof coins; red box and COA included $995
Syria 1950; Gold 1 Pound; .1956oz AGW; NGC certified MS-65 $800
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France 1894-A; Gold 20 Francs; Angel (Genie); .1867oz AGW; NGC graded MS-64 SOLD
Great Britain 1853; Victoria; young head; silver Shilling; beautiful coin; PCGS graded MS-64 $415 SOLD