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Equatorial Guinea 1970; Naked Goya Maja; Gold 250 Pesetas; 0.1018oz AGW; NGC certified PF-68 Ultra Cameo $275
France 1694-A Louis XIV; Gold 1 Louis Dor; Reformation (struck over an older gold Louis coin) Grade AU $1200
France 1786-W Louis XVI; Gold 1 Louis Dor; Very flashy and lustrous with minimal adjustment marks; NGC certified MS-65 $2100
Germany 1766 EDC (Dresden); (Saxony) Sachsen-Albertinische Linie; Friedrich August III; DAV-2682; AR 1 Thaler; NGC certified MS-65 (bright and lustrous with almost no toning) Finest graded $2700
Germany 1877; Bavaria (Bayern); Gold 5 Mark; NGC graded MS-62 $1450
Germany 1898; Baden; Gold 10 Marks; NGC certified MS-62 $550
Germany 1905 D; Bavaria (Bayern); Gold 10 Marks; NGC certified MS-62 $450
Hungary 1870; Gold Ducat; restrike .1107oz AGW; KM 457; NGC certified PROOF-67 $500
Hungary 1908; Gold 100 Korona; Bright and lustrous; NGC certified MS-67 $1365
Indonesia 1970; Gold 2000 Rupiah; Bird of Paradise; NGC certified PF-67 Ultra Cameo $350
Japan 1736-1818 (Genbun Era) Gold Koban; Weight 13g; Gold purity 65.3%; Grade VF+ $1465
Japan 1800s; Local provincial coinage of Koshu; Gold Ichi-bu Kin; KM#94; weight 3.7g; Nice XF (not chop-marked) PCGS certified VF-25 $790
Japan 2014; JNDA Catalog of Japanese Coins and Bank Notes; Includes pictures and prices of all Japanese coins from cash coins to modern issues; New book in plastic $25
Netherlands 1617; Gold Cavalier from Utrecht; Armored Knight charges on War Horse; KM 15; FR-286; 37mm in diameter; NGC certified MS-62 $5500
Netherlands 1824 B; Gold 10 Gulden; Brussels mint; NGC MS-61 $660
Panama 1980; Gold 500 Balboas; Great Egret; Special Uncirculated with a mintage of just 54 coins! This one seems to be finest graded; PCGS MS-68 $1600
Peru 1967; Gold 50 Soles; Inca Indian; .9676oz AGW; Lustrous and bright; PCGS graded MS-66 (none graded higher at NGC) $2400
Portugal 1883; Gold 10000 Reis; KM 520; 0.5228oz AGW; Grade AU-UNC $750
Roman 54-68 AD; Nero Caesar; AV Gold Aureus; 7.23g; NGC certified VF (there has been smoothing on the edge) $2400
Russia 1897; Gold 15 Roubles; 0.3734oz AGW; Czar Nicholas II; NGC graded MS-62 $1400
South Africa 1997; Gold 30th Anniversary Proof Set of Krugerrands; 4 gold coins with total 1.85oz AGW; All coins have the 30th Anniversary special mintmark; includes wood box and certificate (Perfect coins; Low mintage) $3500
Spain 1812; Gold 320 Reales; Joseph Napoleon; Rare; De vellon; NGC certified XF details $11000
Spain 1887 (62) Gold 20 Pesetas; Baby head type; very flashy luster; KM-693; NGC certified MS-66 $440
Venezuela Gold Bar; Simon Bolivar coin imaged; 100 grams of 900 fine gold; Gold content 2.8939oz AGW; The first we have handled of this type; UNC $4250
Yugoslavia 1925; Gold 20 Dinara; KM 7; 0 .1867oz AGW; NGC graded MS-64 $485
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