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New coins listed March 6th. There are too many new coins for this section! Many are mixed into the inventory lists on the left side menu.
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Austria 1767; Gold 3/4 Ducat (medallic); Empress Recovers from Smallpox; Quite unusual and rare in a high grade gold version! NGC certified MS-64 $2500
Cambodia 1974; Silver 5;000 Riels; Cambodian Dancers; KM 61; Grade Gem PROOF $400
Colombia 1857 P; Gold 2 Pesos; Nueva Granada; KM 121; Popayan mint; A rare coin in this flashy choice condition! Very lustrous; NGC certified MS-62 $1800
Cyprus 1879; Copper 1 Piastre; Narrow 1; KM 3.1; First year of the Cyprus coins; One of the finest with even brown color and good strike; Queen Victoria; NGC MS-61 BN $350
France 1812 A; Gold 20 Francs; Napoleon I; KM 695.1; Some raised areas on the obverse due to die chips; Paris mint; Bright and full of luster; NGC certified MS-64 $1400
France 1866-BB; Gold 10 Francs; Napoleon III; Strasbourg mint; NGC certified MS-64 $525
Great Britain 1604-1619 James I; Gold Unite; Tower mint; VF $2500 $2650
Great Britain 1685; Silver Half Crown; James II; original patina; ANACS certified VF-30 $385
Great Britain 1980; Gold Proof Set; 5 Pounds; 2 Pounds; 1 Sovereign; Half Sovereign; First year of Elizabeth Proof Gold Sets; All coins in perfect condition; Includes original box and COA; One of the hardest gold proof sets to find ! $5550
Great Britain 1989; 500th Anniversary; Gold 2 Pounds; NGC PF-70 Ultra Cameo $1750
Great Britain 1994; Gold 5 Pounds; Elizabeth; Only 918 coins minted in proof! NGC certified PF-70 Ultra Cameo $5950
Great Britain 2012 TDC (Tristan da Cunha); Gold 2 Sovereigns; Una and Lion; 0.4708oz AGW; NGC graded PF-69 Ultra Cameo $1350
Guatemala 1869; Gold 4 Pesos; .1904oz AGW; KM 187; mintage 20000 pieces; NGC certified MS-61 $1000
Hong Kong 1864; Silver 10 Cents; Key date; The rarest Victoria date! Nice coin with no problems; NGC certified AU-50 $2400
Iran 1880; Gold 2 Toman; AH1297; KM 492; Fr 60; 5.7g; Nice coin with no problems; NGC certified MS-61 $1100
Japan 1859; Ansei Nishu-gin; Ansei year 8; Scare type! JNDA 09-56; 13.6g; A famous trade coin that was only used briefly; No damage; Nice Grade XF $1600
Netherlands 1851; Gold 10 Gulden; Very bright and lustrous; A joy to look at! Fr 340; This coin is rare and also in high grade; NGC certified MS-64 $4250
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Australia 1887 M; Gold Sovereign; Quyeen Victoria Jubilee-head; KM 13; S 3867; Hooked J in JEB variety; Only 2 graded higher; Flashy with no distracting marks; NGC certified MS-63 SOLD
Canada 1901; Retro Issue (struck recently) ; Silver Dollar; Queen Victoria; KM X11; Only 1 graded at PCGS; PCGS certified PR-66 Deep Cameo SOLD
Germany 1866 A; Silver Thaler; Prussia; Cameo PROOF; Very flashy and bright; NGC certified PF-63 (Probably Cameo) SOLD
Great Britain 1797; Penny; Soho; King George III; KM 618; Nice chocolate color with good luster; no distracting marks; No spots! NGC certified MS-65 BN $885 SOLD
Great Britain 1847; Gold Shield Sovereign; Young-head Victoria; 0.2354oz AGW; Nearly uncirculated with well struck details; There is some doubling in the date; NGC certified AU-58 $675 SOLD
Great Britain 1847; Victoria; Silver Gothic Crown; Queen Victoria; PLAIN edge; Proof; NGC graded PF-45 SOLD
Hong Kong 1904; Silver 50 Cents; KM 15; Attractive coin with almost no toning; The reverse is fantastic and very flashy! One of the best; NGC certified MS-63 SOLD
Korea 1905; Year 9; Silver 20 Chon; Bright coin with no toning; KM-1128 NGC graded MS-64 SOLD