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Austria 1439-1496; Gold Ducat (Goldgulden); Archduke Sigismund; Hall mint; Fr 5; NGC graded VF (cleaned) $600
Comoros (Komoren or Comorien) 1976; Rare set of 3 proof coins; 2 Gold and 1 Silver; Mintage 500; Includes yellow box and COA $975
Costa Rica 1851 JB ; Gold 1/2 Esucudo; Ex Mayer; only 3 graded higher; NGC certified AU-58 $650
Cuba 1915; Gold 20 Pesos; Minted in Philiadelphia USA; 0.9676oz AGW; NGC certified AU58 $1800
Danzig 1930 (Poland) Gold 25 Gulden; KM150; ICG certified MS-65 $2150
Germany 1862; Mecklenberg Strelitz; Silver 1/48 Stater; PROOF with cameo finish; Finest graded; Amazing NGC PF66 Cameo $600
Gibraltar 1989; Una and Lion; Gold 2 Sovereigns; KM-29; NGC certified PF-70 Ultra Cameo $2875
Gibraltar 1997; Una and Lion; Gold 2 Sovereigns; This coin is much rarer than the 1989 dated coin; NGC certified PF-69 Ultra Cameo $2975
Great Britain 1544-1547 Henry VIII; Gold Halfcrown; S.2314; Southwark; NGC graded VG10 $725
Great Britain 1707-E; Silver Crown; Queen Anne; ESC-103; Edinburgh; NGC graded XF-40 $1000
Great Britain 1839; Victoria; Gold Half Sovereign; PROOF; Very nice cameo and deep gold color; NGC graded PF65 Cameo (only 3 graded higher) $11000
Great Britain 1989; 500th Anniversary; GoldSovereign; NGC PF69 Ultra Cameo $1225
Hungary 1908; Gold 100 Korona; Bright and lustrous PROOF; Only a few proofs have been graded! NGC certified PF68 $2800
Hungary 1908; Gold 100 Korona; Bright and lustrous; NGC certified MS-68 restrike $1525
Japan 1875; Meiji 8; Silver Trade Dollar; NGC graded UNC (rev cleaned) $1000
Netherlands 1729; West Friesland; Gold Ducat; From the shipwreck of the Vliegenthart; NGC certified MS63 $750
Poland 1930 (Danzig) Gold 25 Gulden; KM150; NGC certified MS65 $2400
Russia 1833; Silver 5 Kopecks; Great quality and patina color; NGC certified MS64 $440
Russia 1837; Platinum 3 Roubles; good details; NGC graded AU55 $2700
Russia 1871 CNB-HI; Gold 5 Roubles; Alexander II; A rare date! NGC MS61 $2150
Venezuela 1975; Gold 1000 Bolivares; 0.9676oz AGW; Gem NGC certified MS68 $1650
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