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Albania 1988; Gold 100 Leke; First railroad with train entering and leaving tunnel; Now NGC certified PF-68 Ultra Cameo $2320
Bohemia 1346-1378; King Charles IV Holy Roman Empire; Born in Prauge with the name Wenceslaus; Gold Gulden; Fr-2; Amazing condition for a 14th century gold piece! PCGS certified MS-63 $28500
Brazil 1825; Rio mint; Silver 960 Reis; small 960 variety; Struck over 1805 Mexican 8 Reales; NGC certified MS-62 $380
Danzig 1930 (Poland) Gold 25 Gulden; KM150; NGC certified MS-65 $2000
Denmark 1900; Gold 10 Kroner; 0.1293oz AGW; Mermaid type; Lot of BU coins 29 pcs (enter quantity wanted when ordering) $188
El Salvador 1892 CAM; Silver 1 Peso; NGC certified UNC details (hairlines) $1200
France 1859-A; Gold 50 Francs; Napoleon bare-head; Paris Mint; Gold content 0.4667oz AGW; Grade AU $660
France 1912-A Gold 100 Francs; Angel .9335oz; NGC graded MS-62 $1875
France 1935 Gold 100 Francs; Bazor; a classic and popular design; NGC MS-62 $1675
Germany 1873 A; Prussia; Gold 10 Marks; very nice quality; NGC graded MS-65 $250
Great Britain 1708; Silver Half Crown; Queen Anne; ESC-577; Type with no E; ANACS certified VF-35 $225
Great Britain 1714 Queen Anne; Pattern Copper Farthing; S.3625; Peck 741 (small flan); NGC certified VF-20 (nice blue toning) $725
Great Britain 1887; Victoria; Jubilee Gold 5 Pounds; NGC certified MS-60 (very nice coin with a few hairlines) $3490
Great Britain 2012 TDC; Gold 2 Sovereigns; Una and Lion; 0.4708oz AGW; NGC graded PF-69 Ultra Cameo $1175
India 1344 / 15; Gold 1 Ashrafi; Hyderabad; Finest graded; PCGS certified MS-66 $3200
India 1841; Gold Mohur; Queen Victoria; divided legend type; plain 4; KM# 462.1; NGC certified AU-55 $4000
Japan 1837-1858 (Tempo Era) Gold Ichibu-kin; ANACS AU-50 $140
Japan 1860-1862 (Manen Era) Gold Presentation Oban; Size 81mm x 134mm; Weight 121.4g; This Oban has a different reverse character grouping which indicates it is not a general issue Oban but a Presentation Oban! It was given to a sword carrying Shogun; Daimyo; or a member of the Imperial Family only! Not often found and not found in the United States; Scarcer hand-made horizontal indentations variety; original ink in a good state of preservation; includes JNDA photo certificate confirming authenticity and the original ink; Grade Uncirculated (includes wood presentation box) $35000
Poland 1925; Gold 10 Zlotych; NGC certified MS-64 $340
Poland 1930 (Danzig) Gold 25 Gulden; KM150; NGC certified MS-65 $2000
Russia 1852; Silver Half Rouble (Poltina); Great Proof like fields; Only one graded higher; NGC MS-64 Proof-like $2475
Russia 1880; Gold 5 Roubles; One of the finest graded at NGC; NGC certified MS-64 $3500
Russia 1899 AT; Gold 10 Roubles; NGC certified MS-63 $590
Russia 1899 AT; Gold 10 Roubles; NGC certified MS-64 (2 coins available) $700
Russia 1904 AP; Gold 10 Roubles; Choice UNC; NGC MS-64 (2 coins available) $720
Spain 1874; 5 Pesetas; Carlos VII pretender; X#PT4; rare and not found often outside of Spain; PCGS graded MS-62 (no toning; good luster) $2600
Straits settlements 1896; Victoria; 50 Cents; scarce coin; KM 13; Now NGC graded AU-55 $750
Sweden 1845; Gold Ducat; KM 668; NGC certified AU-58 $1100
Sweden 1901; Gold 10 Kronor; .1296oz AGW; NGC graded MS-65 $240
US 1806; Draped Bust Half Dollar; pointed 6 with no stem; O-109; Strong details of an AU coin; PCGS graded XF-45 $3900
US 1879-S; Morgan Dollar; reverse of 1878; nice amber color toning around the edge; PCGS graded MS-63 $625
US 1893-S Morgan Dollar; Key San Francisco date! PCGS graded G-6 $2000
US 1909-S VDB Lincoln Cent; Key to the Lincoln cent collection! PCGS certified AU-55 $880
US 1923-S Standing Liberty Quarter; scarce San Francisco coin; PCGS graded XF-45 $1375
US 1925-S Buffalo Nickel; scarce San Francisco coin with nice full horn; PCGS graded AU-58 $950
US 2009; Gold $20 Ultra High Relief; Perfect coin; 1 ounce of gold; PCGS certified MS-70 $2350
Yugoslavia 1931; Gold Ducat; sword counterstamp; 0.1106oz NGC MS-63 $335
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Russia 1866 HI; Silver Rouble; Finest graded! PCGS certified MS-64 SOLD
South Africa 1999; Gold 1 ounce Krugerrand; PROOF South African Krugerrand plastic case SOLD
US 1926 $10 Indian Gold Eagle; Nice lustrous coin; PCGS graded MS-64+ SOLD