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Australia 1873-M; Gold Sovereign; Young Head Victoria; St George reverse type; Melbourne mint; Scarce date; Lustrous NGC graded MS-62 $1500
Australia 1889 S; Gold Sovereign; Jubilee type with St. George reverse; Sydney mint; Legend type 2; Highest graded at NGC; NGC graded MS-64 $2500
Australia 1907-S; Gold Sovereign; Edward VII; bright lustrous UNC; NGC MS-62 $385
Australia 1910-M; Gold Sovereign; Edward VII; bright lustrous UNC; NGC MS-62 $380
Costa Rica 1899; Gold 20 Colones; .4502oz AGW; Attractive natural color; NGC graded MS-63 $3000
Egypt 1922; Gold 500 Piastres; King Fuad I; KM 342; Choice PROOF with mirror fields; NGC certified PF-64 (highest grade at NGC) $12000
France 1830-A; Gold 20 Francs; Charles X; Paris Mint; .1867oz AGW; incuse edge letters; NGC graded MS-62 $1100
France 1901-A Gold 100 Francs; Angel .9335oz; NGC MS-63 $3800
Great Britain 1826; George IV; Gold Half Sovereign; PROOF with full mirrored fields and cameo effect; NGC graded PF-63 Cameo $4000
Great Britain 1830; George IV; Gold Sovereign; no wear; nice gold color; NGC graded AU-58 $3000
Great Britain 1872; Victoria; Gold Shield Sovereign; Die #108; NGC certified MS-64 $1250
Great Britain 1887; Victoria; Jubilee Gold Half Sovereign; NGC graded MS-64 $500
Great Britain 1989; Gold Proof Set; 500th Anniversary of the Sovereign set; 4 gold coins; Gold Sovereign; Half Sovereign; 2 Pounds; and 5 Pounds; with case and certificate (total gold content is 2.0oz) $4000
India 1919; Rewah State; Gold Half Mohur; Gulab Singh (1918-1946); VS 1975; KM 33; Crude strike; Grade AU-UNC $1950
Italy 1523-1539; Venice; Gold Half Scudo; Andrea Gritti; FR-1449; NGC certified XF-45 $550
Japan 1800s; Local provincial coinage of Koshu; Gold Ichi-bu Kin; KM#94; weight 3.7g; Nice XF+ $1200
Netherlands 1672; Goningen Seige Klippe; 50 Stuivers; 8 lines of fancy engraving on the reverse; KM 27.2; NGC graded AU $2800
Niger 1968; Deluxe Proof gold set; 4 coins with 1.7131oz AGW; 900 fine gold; 100 Francs; 50 Francs; 25 Francs; 10 Francs; with case and certificate; Perfect coins with no hairlines or damage $2750
Poland 1930 (Danzig) Gold 25 Gulden; KM150; NGC certified MS-65 $2950
Poland 1930 (Danzig) Gold 25 Gulden; KM150; PCGS certified MS-65 $2950
Russia 1900 O3; Gold 5 Roubles; NGC graded MS-66 Gem! $650
Spain 1776 NR JJ; Gold 8 Escudos; Colombian mint; American Independence date! Grade AU $2200
Spain 1823; Gold 80 Reales; Barcelona Mint; FR 322; King Ferdinand VII; Nice UNC $1200
Tunisia 1856 (AH 1272); Gold 50 Piastres; KM 127; 0.2847oz AGW; NGC graded AU-55 $2000
US 1861-S $20 Liberty Gold Double Eagle; San Francisco Mint; NGC graded XF-45 $2200
US 1915 San Francisco Panama Pacific Exposition; Silver Half Dollar; NGC certified MS-63 (no toning) $800
Yap 1800s; Island of Yap stone money; This is one of the largest available at 220 pounds; diameter 27.5 inches; very rare; An original hand-made crystal coin with great color; Museum quality $42500
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Great Britain 1887; Victoria Jubilee; Gold 2 Pounds; PROOF; NGC graded PR-64 Ultra Cameo SOLD
Great Britain 1893; Victoria; Gold 2 Pounds; PROOF; NGC graded PF-65 Cameo (a beautiful coin!) SOLD
Netherlands 1600-1601; Utrecht province; Gold Noble (immitating the British Noble); FR-277; NGC certified XF-45 SOLD