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Austria 1583; Silver Taler; DAV 8079; Kuttenberg; NGC certified VF-30 $625
Costa Rica 1867 GW; Gold 5 Pesos; KM 114; San Jose mint; No problem coin; NGC certified XF-45 $550
Egypt 1938; Gold 20 Piastres; KM 370; Royal Wedding; Farouk; NGC certified MS-65 $425
France 1805; Napoleon I; Return from Venice; Bronze Medal (large 40mm diameter); Perfect condition and choice; NGC certified MS-64 BN $295
France 1875-A; Gold 20 Francs; Angel (Genie); .1867oz AGW; NGC certified MS-61 $295
France 1898 A; Gold 20 Francs; Angel; A super gem example! Bright and flashy; Paris mint; NGC certified MS-66 $900
France 1910-A Gold 10 Francs; Marianne - Rooster; 0.0933oz; NGC graded MS62 $255
Germany 1833; Silver Thaler; Bayern (Bavaria); Flashy proof-like coin with light hairlines $375
Germany 1902 E; Silver 5 Marks; Saxony (Sachsen); Great luster; PCGS graded MS-66 ! $490
Great Britain 1873; Victoria (Bun head type); Farthing; blazing luster and mostly original red color remaining; S 3958; NGC graded MS-65 RB $120
Great Britain 1887; Victoria; Jubilee Crown; light overall toning with a small amount of attractive blue color; Grade UNC $350
Great Britain 1929 B; Silver Trade Dollar; PCGS certified MS-63 $290
Great Britain 1936 Gold Sovereign Fantasy; Edward VIII; NGC certified PF-67 Ultra Cameo $500
India 1808; Madras Presidency; Silver 1/4 Pagoda; well struck; NGC certified MS63 $1300
Italy 1831; Rome mint; Silver 1 Scudo; Year AN1; Flashy UNC condition (scrape on reverse) $350
Italy 1835 M; Lombardy - Venetia; Gold 1/2 Soverano; Rare type; Hairlines are extremely minimal; NGC certfied AU details (hairlines) $400
Japan 1736-1818 (Genbun Era) Gold Ichibu-Kin (1 bu gold); 3.25g weight; 65.3% gold content; scarcer type; Grade XF $145
Japan 1880; Meiji 13; Silver 1 Yen; Grade AU (rim nicks) $100
Japan 1882; Meiji 15; Silver 1 Yen; NGC certified MS-61 $450
Japan 1945; Showa year 20; Pattern 1 Sen; Proposed new coinage made from red porcelain created in several denominations and designs; Scarce item in perfect condition; Choice UNC $295
Mexico 1759 Mo-MM; Silver 8 Reales (Pillar dollar); Attractive coin with bold details however cleaned; Grade AU $380
Netherlands 1614; Silver Lion Daler; Utrecht mint; KM 13; Grade VF (not cleaned; even grey tone) $110
Peru 1880 BF; Silver 1 Peseta; One year type; Bright luster; PCGS graded MS-64 $285
Poland 1999; Gold 100 Zlotych; Pope John Paul II; 0.2315oz AGW; NGC graded PF-65 Ultra Cameo $370
Spain 1820; Gold 4 Escudos; King Ferdinand VII; Grade VF $590
Uruguay 1899; Pattern 5 Centavos; KM PnA34; Scarce GEM specimen of a never adopted design; PCGS graded Specimen 65+ $300
US 1913 Gold $2.50 Indian; NGC graded MS-61 $375
Vatican 1932 XI; Gold 100 Lire; Light hairlines; NGC certified AU details (hairlines) $355
Venezuela 1955; Gold 60 Bolivares mint set; Rare complete set of 18 pieces! Each coin is 22.2g of 900 fine gold; Each with a different Chief; Caciques de Venezuela case and papers; Total 11.5755 AGW; Gem UNC $16985
Vietnam 1820-1841; Annam; Minh Mang; Pattern or Fantasy Gold 2 Tien; Due to the flower design; it has been suggested this coin is a later fantasy made in Osaka. In August 1903 the Emperor ordered the minting of new gold coins to reward Europeans and others for exceptional service; Weight 7.9g; AU-UNC $9500
Vietnam; Kim Thanh; Gold wafer bars (very thin); 32.3g of pure gold; 1.0385oz AGW (5 pieces as cut to make one tael weight) $1420
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Byzantine 582-602 AD; Maurice Tiberius; Gold Solidus 4.48g; Uncirculated but has a few edge scrapes; NGC certified MS $325 SOLD