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Austria 1908; Gold 100 Corona; Famous Lady in the Clouds; bright luster with some light marks; NGC graded AU-58 $6200
Brazil 1727 M; Gold 20000 Reis; Large coin with 1.5857oz AGW; KM 117; Nice coin with full luster; A rare date in top quality; This coin was sold by Heritage in 2012 for $29900; NGC certified MS-63 $28000
Central American Republic (Costa Rica) 1837 CR-E; Gold 4 Escudos; KM 16; Well struck with great sunface and tree details; No die rust; Beautiful rose toning around the edge and deep gold color; Good luster; Reverse rim nick prevents grading; Grade AU+ $8500
Cuba 1898; Silver Peso; An important type with only 1000 struck; Beautiful rainbow toning on the obverse and blue toning on reverse; NGC certified AU-55 $4000
Great Britain 1786 King George III; Gold Half Guinea; S 3734; Nice flash and luster; Grade AU+ $1100
Great Britain 1839; Victoria; Gold Sovereign; PROOF; Very nice cameo and deep gold color; Some hairlines; From the proof set; NGC graded PF-61 Cameo $11500
Great Britain 1855; Victoria; Young-head Victoria; Gold Shield Sovereign; NGC Graded MS-63 ! $1450
Great Britain 1887; Victoria; Jubilee Gold 5 Pounds; Grade UNC (3 coins available) $3650
Guatemala 1869; Gold 4 Pesos; .1904oz AGW; KM 187; Nearly uncirculated with good luster; Grade AU+ $575
India 1835 C; Gold Proof Mohur; Calcutta mint with F on truncation; A special coin that is the highest graded of the variety! Not to be confused with a modern Bombay restrike; NGC certified PF-63 restrike $16850
Mexico 1861 C-CE; Gold 8 Escudos; Culiacan mint; Nearly uncirculated with good luster; NGC certified AU-58 $1875
Netherlands 1760; Utrecht; Gold 7 Gulden; .1463oz; KM 103; AU-UNC with some hairlines $565
Peru 1838; Cuzco; Famous sunface design; Gold 8 Escudos; scarce type; KM 167; Bright luster and well struck; No die rust; Grade UNC (natural planchet lamination on obverse; some hairlines) $9575
Russia 1877 CNB-HI; Gold 5 Roubles; Alexander II; Grade AU $700
South Africa 1994; Gold Lion ; 1 ounce of gold ; includes red box; PROOF $1550
US 1795; Gold $5 (Half Eagle); Small eagle reverse; The first gold coin struck for the United States! Grade AU $35000
US 1795; Gold $5 (Half Eagle); Small eagle reverse; The first gold coin struck for the United States! Grade UNC (some field hairlines) $60000
US 1855 Kellogg Gold $50 restrike; PCGS certified gem holder; 90.05g weight; 887 fine; 2.6532oz AGW; restruck from gold from the Central America shipwreck! With case $4000
Venezuela 1889; Gold 100 Bolivares; Bright yellow color and luster; Obverse has rim bumps; Grade AU $2200
Venezuela 1905; Gold 20 Bolivares; .1867oz AGW; KM Y32; Finest Graded NGC certified MS-64 $600
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Great Britain 1838; Victoria Gold Coronation Medal; Eimer 1315; Fantastic design by B. Pistrucci in very high relief; The reverse is Victoria receiving her crown from Britannia; Hibernia; and Scotia; This is the finest graded! 36mm 31.1g NGC certified MS-63 SOLD
Great Britain 1911; Gold Sovereign; George V; Deep gold color and cameo; PCGS graded PROOF-65 Cameo SOLD