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New coins listed for January 2019

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Albania 1927 V; Gold 20 Franga Ari; KM 12; FR 6; Skanderbeg; Minted in Vienna; Gem NGC MS-66 ! $985
Germany 1862; Mecklenberg Strelitz; Silver 1/48 Stater; PROOF with cameo finish; Finest graded; Amazing NGC PF66 Cameo $600
Great Britain 1839; Victoria; Gold Half Sovereign; PROOF; Very nice cameo and deep gold color; NGC graded PF65 Cameo (only 3 graded higher) $11000
Great Britain 1893; Victoria Maundy Set; Veiled head set of 4 coins; Wonderful blue and purple toning; includes nice original box; Uncirculated $145
Hunary 1907; Gold 100 Korona; Original strike; Coronation Anniversary; NGC graded MS63 $5000
Mexico 1976; 5 Pesos; Mint Error; Struck off center 40%; A dramatic error on a large coin with a full date; ANACS MS-63 $135
Namibia 1987; Silver Pattern 100 Rand; Elephant; NGC certified PF69 Ultra Cameo $200
Russia 1833; Silver 5 Kopecks; Great quality and patina color; NGC certified MS64 $440
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Czechoslovakia 1929; Silver 5 Ducats; Christianity in Bohemia 1000th year Anniversary; Scarce; NGC graded MS65 SOLD
Peru 1960; Gold 50 Soles; Highest graded; Bright gem coin; NGC MS-67 SOLD
Vietnam 1848-1883; Annam Silver 5 Tien; KM 457; SCH 359; Very nice piece; NGC graded AU50 SOLD