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Australia 1999-2001; The Perth Mint Bi-metal Type Set; 4 coins-medals; Beautiful wood box with COA; The 4 coins have a gold content of 1.0904 ounces and some silver; PROOF $1535
Austria 1864 E; Gold Ducat; Karlsburg mint; Scarce; NGC certified MS-62 $790
Belgium 1430-1467; Brabant; Gold Pieter Dor; Fr-25; slightly wavy; Grade VF; rare type $1275
Brazil 1824 R; Gold 4000 Reis; A rare type! Strong details; NGC certified AU-50 $2000
Brazil 1855; Gold 5000 Reis; scarcer denomination; Fr 123; NGC certified MS-62 $675
Cambodia 1974; Gold 50000 Riels; Three Cambodian Dancers; .1942oz AGW; NGC graded PF-67 Ultra Camoe (Proof version) $550
Chile 1948; Gold Onza; KM-X1; A rare coin with beautiful design; 1 ounce of gold; NGC certified MS-63 $4000
Costa Rica 1850 CR JB; Gold 2 Esucudos; KM 15; NGC certified XF-45 $1200
Cuba 1915; Gold 10 Pesos (minted in the USA at the Philadelphia mint); Scarcer date; NGC certified MS-62 $1950
Cuba 1916; Gold 10 Pesos (minted in the USA at the Philadelphia mint); NGC certified MS-62 $950
Czechoslovakia 1929; Gold 3 Ducats; Introduction of Christianity to Bohemia; Fr 9; Mintage only 1058 coins; Highest graded! NGC graded MS-65 $3100
Ecuador 1835; Gold 2 Escudos; KM 16; NGC certified VF with surface hairlines $3000
Egypt 1955; Gold Pound; Pharoh Ramses II on chariot; KM 387; 0.2391oz AGW; NGC certified MS-62 $440
Ethiopia 1977; Gold 600 Birr; UN Conservation Seriea; Walia Ibex; 0.9675oz AGW; KM 63; NGC certified MS-67 $2300
France 1749-W Louis XV; Gold 1 Louis Dor; Lille mint; Bright lustrous coin! NGC graded MS-64 $2150
France 1803-A (AN-12) Gold 40 Francs; Napoleon Premier Consul; Nice UNC; NGC certified MS-61 $2700
France 1809-M; Gold 20 Francs; Napoleon I; Rare mint Toulouse; Mintage 4971; 0.1867oz AGW; NGC certified XF-45 $900
France 1830 B; Silver 5 Francs; Charles X; Rouen mint; Matte luster; NGC certified MS-63 $575
France 1881-A; Republic Silver 1 Franc; Super GEM; beautiful coin! NGC certified MS-66 $400
France 1897-A; Gold 20 Francs; Angel (Genie); .1867oz AGW; NGC graded MS-64 $375
Germany 1461-1471; Mainz (Mayence); 1 Goldgulden; FR-1628; one of the finest known; ANACS AU-58 (essentially uncirculated) $1700
Germany 1905 D; Bavaria (Bayern); Gold 10 Marks; NGC certified MS-62 $395
Great Britain 1774; George III; Halfpenny; Double struck mint error; Dramatic mistake with two dates and two heads! PCGS certified mint error $480
Great Britain 1817; George III; Gold Half Sovereign; NGC MS-64; flashy lustrous gem! $1525
Great Britain 1826; George IV; Gold Sovereign; NGC graded AU-55 $1175
Great Britain 1871; Victoria; Gold Shield Sovereign; Die #29; Super lustrous; NGC certified MS-64 $1600
Great Britain 1887; Victoria; Jubilee Double Florin (four shillings); PROOF with great color and deep fields; NGC certified PF-64 $1850
Great Britain 1887; Victoria; Jubilee Florin (two shillings); PROOF with great color and deep fields; NGC certified PF-65 $1225
Great Britain 1887; Victoria; Jubilee Shilling; PROOF with great color and deep fields; NGC certified PF-64 $600
Great Britain 1887; Victoria; Jubilee Sixpence; PROOF with great color and deep fields; NGC certified PF-63 $450
Great Britain 1989; Gold Sovereign; 500th Anniversary of the Sovereign; with box and certificate; Gem PROOF $1000
Hungary 1870; Gold Ducat; restrike .1107oz AGW; KM 457; NGC certified PROOF-68 (highest graded!) $700
India 1358-1389; Bengal; Silver Tanka (1 Rupee); Sikander Shah I; NGC certified XF-40 $850
India 1820; Madras Presidency; Gold Third Mohur; English East India Company; Fr 1590; NGC certified AU-58 $985
India 1902 (VS 1959) Gold Third Mohur; Gwalior; KM-175; A rare coin and the finest graded! NGC certified MS-64 $8000
Indonesia 1970; Gold 5000 Rupiah; Manjusri Statue; 0.3571oz AGW; ; NGC certified PF-65 Ultra Cameo $625
Italy 1715; Vatican; Piastra (Scudo) Year XV; Clement XI; Dav 1448; KM 763; extremely rare type! NGC graded VF (mount removed) $675
Italy 1808 M; Gold 40 Lire; Napoleon; 0.3734oz AGW; NGC certified AU-55 $700
Italy 1848; Venice (Venezia) 5 Lire; KM 804; nice original toning; PCGS graded MS-63 $1250
Korea (South) 1988; Gold Half ounce; .5000oz AGW PROOF $700
Mexico 1809 Mo HJ over TH; Gold 1 Escudo; KM 121; NGC graded AU-55 $800
Mexico 1818 Mo-JJ; Gold 8 Escudos; Ferdinand VII; Gold content .7616oz AGW; Amazing luster and quality! NGC certified MS-61 $5000
Morocco 1954; Tangier; Gold 1 ounce; Hercules; NGC certified MS-63 $1650
Netherlands 1711; Utrecht; Gold Ducat; Probably from the shipwreck of the De Liefde; NGC certified AU-58 $700
Netherlands 1724; Utrecht; Gold Ducat; .1109oz AGW; All ducats of this date are from the shipwreck Akerendam which sank in 1725; NGC graded MS-61 $690
Netherlands 1830 U; Gold 10 Gulden; Utrecht mint; Scarce date; PCGS graded AU-55 $775
Peru 1855; Gold 8 Escudos; REPUB legend; KM 148.5; Grade Uncirculated (some hairlines) NGC certified UNC (surface hairlines) $1750
Roman 54-68 AD; Nero Caesar; AV Gold Aureus; 7.23g; NGC certified VF (there has been smoothing on the edge) $2200
South Africa 1995; Gold Natura Proof; Rhinoceros; 1 ounce gold; includes red box $1800
South Africa 2001; Gold 1oz Krugerrand; Special Mintmark CW for Coin World; PROOF NGC certified PF-68 Ultra Cameo $1900
South Africa 2001; Gold 1oz Protea; Special Mintmark GRC for Gold Reef City; Mintage of this issue is 196 coins! PROOF NGC graded PF-69 Ultra Cameo $2200
Spain 1476-1516; Gold Double Excellente; King Ferdinand and Isabella; Seville mint; FR-129; One of the finest known with good mint luster; NGC graded MS-63 $6750
Spain 1868 (68); Gold 10 Escudos; Superb Gem BU with great flashy luster; NGC graded MS-64 $750
Sweden 1874; Gold 10 Kronor; .1296oz AGW; NGC certified MS-65 $290
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Romania 1906; Gold 20 Lei; Nice nearly UNC with great luster; KM 37; .1867oz AGW; NGC certified AU-58 SOLD