List by Country Names A-E:

Afghanistan 1978; Gold 10000 Afghani; Marco Polo Sheep; Fr-43; KM-982; Mintage only 694; NGC MS-69 $4800
Argentina 1848; Silver 1 Real; Sun face with 8 points; Cordoba; NGC certified AU-58 $375
Argentina 1882; Silver Peso; KM 29; Light even toning with minimal marks; The Finest Known; NGC certified MS-64 $8800
Australia 1872-S; Gold Sovereign; St George reverse; Sydney mint; NGC graded MS-61 ! $1000
Australia 1881-M; Gold Sovereign; St George reverse; Old time golden color; Full mint bloom; PCGS certified MS-63; a wonderful coin $2950
Australia 1882-M; Gold Sovereign; St George reverse; NGC certified MS-62 $1800
Australia 1895 M; Gold Sovereign; Melbourne mint; Finest graded NGC MS-64 $1450
Austria 1685; Habsburg; City view of Vienna with bust of Leopold I; Victory over the Turks; Reverse is 10 fortresses and cities taken; 22.5g 40mm; Grade XF $650
Bohemia 1346-1378; King Charles IV Holy Rome Empire; Born in Prauge with the name Wenceslaus; Gold Gulden; Fr-2; Amazing condition for a 14th century gold piece! PCGS certified MS-63 $33000
Botswana 1978; Gold 150 Pula; Wild Hyena; UN Conservation Series; Mintage 664; 0.9675oz AGW; NGC graded MS-69 $3350
Colombia 1857 P; Gold 2 Pesos; Nueva Granada; KM 121; Popayan mint; A rare coin in this flashy choice condition! Very lustrous; NGC certified MS-62 $1800
Colombia 1871; Gold 1 Condor Peso; Medellin; Finest Graded! NGC MS-65 (Finest Graded) $1500
Colombia 1924; Gold 2.5 Pesos; KM 203; Finest Graded! NGC MS-65 $600
Costa Rica 1899; Gold 20 Colones; .4502oz AGW; Attractive natural color; NGC graded MS-63 $2850
Costa Rica 1928; Gold 2 Colones; KM 139; Nice luster; Final year of this type; PCGS MS-64 $500
Curacao 1821; Silver 1 Reaal; 4 acorn variety; KM 26.1; Most of the mintage was melted in 1927; NGC graded MS-62 $1225
Czechoslovakia 1928; Gold Ducat; Saint Wenceslaus (Tschechoslowakei); Bohemian lion on reverse; Scarce date; NGC certified MS-62 $3950
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Argentina 1828 RA P; Silver 8 Reales; KM 20; Classic Sunface design; A rare date! Now NGC certified AU-55 SOLD
Bohemia 1621; Gold 10 Ducats; Ferdinand II of Austria; Prague mint; Fr 38; Nice AU grade coin with some field smoothing SOLD
Bolivia 1651-1652; Silver 7 1/2 Reales; Crowned F counter stamp; NGC graded VF-25 SOLD
Borneo 1886 H; 1/2 Cent; Heaton Mint; The best you can hope for in quality; Specimen NGC graded SP-67 Red SOLD
Brazil 1726 M; Gold 20000 Reis; Large coin with 1.5857oz AGW; NGC certified MS-63 (great luster and quality) SOLD
Cambodia 1974; Gold 50000 Riels; Cambodian Dancers; NGC graded MS-69 SOLD
Canada 1911-C; Gold Sovereign; King George V; PCGS certified MS64 SOLD
Canda 1849; British Columbia; Gold Dollar Token; Grade AU-UNC SOLD
Central American Republic (Costa Rica) 1831 CR-F; Silver 1 Real; Very nice AU+ grade (slightly weak stri oke on tree; but reflective fields and bluish patina) Ex-Frederick Mayer Collection Lot 1010 SOLD
Central American Republic (Costa Rica) 1837 CR-E; Gold 4 Escudos; KM 16; Well struck with great sunface and tree details; No die rust; Beautiful rose toning around the edge and deep gold color; Good luster; Reverse rim nick prevents grading; Grade AU+ SOLD
Chile 1751; Gold 8 Escudos; Bright coin with flashy fields; strong strike; NGC certified MS-64 (one of the finest of the Luz shipwreck coins) SOLD
Chile 1821; Gold 8 Escudos; nice coin with no planchet lamination problems; sun face details are visible; KM# 84; PCGS certified XF-45 SOLD
Chile 1828; Coquimbo Peso; Nice reflective fields with blue toning; Ex Leu 2003; AU-58 Quality; Rare and desireable; One of the most famous Latin American Crowns! SOLD
Chile 1835; One Centavo; Beautiful color surfaces; Proof minted at Soho (Birmingham); KM 115; Thick flan with coin alignment; ANACS PROOF 65 BN SOLD
Chile 1866; Gold 10 Pesos; 0.4414oz AGW; NGC graded XF-45 SOLD
Chile 1872 So; Gold 5 Pesos; Santiago Mint; KM-144; 0.2207 oz; NGC graded MS-63; Finest Graded! SOLD
Chile 1881; Silver 1 Peso; NGC certified MS-63 SOLD
Chile 1895; Gold 5 pesos; KM 153; Finest graded of all dates in the series; NGC certified MS-67 ! SOLD
Chile 1958; Republic gold 100 Pesos; 0.5885oz AGW; Santiago mint; KM175; Amazing quality; NGC certified MS-68 SOLD
Costa Rica 1850; Gold Half Onza (4 Escudos); Exceptional Strike with nearly full grass skirt (only bested by a recent specimen strike sale); NGC certified AU-53 SOLD
Costa Rica 1851 JB ; Gold 1/2 Esucudo; Ex Mayer; only 3 graded higher; NGC certified AU-58 SOLD
Czechoslovakia 1927; Gold Ducat; NGC graded MS-63 SOLD
Czechoslovakia 1935; Gold 2 Ducats; Saint Wenceslaus (Tschechoslowakei); Bohemian lion on reverse; Scarce date; NGC certified MS-62 SOLD
Czechoslovakia 1936; Gold 10 Ducats; Saint Wenceslaus (Tschechoslowakei); Bohemian lion on reverse; Kremnica mint; 35g; KM 14; Fb 4; Mintage 633 pieces; Finest Graded NGC certified MS-67 SOLD
Czechoslovakia 1951; Gold Dukat 4 coin Set of 10 Ducats; 5 Ducats; 2 Ducats and 1 Ducat; Saint Wenceslaus (Tschechoslowakei); very rare set; UNC SOLD
Egypt 1922; Proof Gold 500 Piastres; King Fuad I; KM 342; Large 1.1956oz AGW; NGC certified PF-64; One of the finest known SOLD
Ethiopia 1897 (EE 1889) Gold 1/2 Werk; Menelik II ; PCGS graded MS64 SOLD