List by Country Names F-N:

Finland 1913 S; Gold 10 Markkaa; KM 8.2; NGC certified MS-65 $465
Gibraltar 1989; Una and Lion; Gold 2 Sovereigns; KM-29; NGC certified PF-69 Ultra Cameo $3150
Guatemala 1818 NG-M; Silver 8 Reales; Ferdinand VII; Lustrous; NGC graded AU58 $1600
Guatemala 1869; Gold 10 Pesos; Lustrous coin; Only 1 graded higher in MS-63; NGC graded MS-62 $3200
Guatemala 1869; Gold 4 Pesos; .1904oz AGW; KM 187; mintage 20000 pieces; NGC certified MS-61 $1400
Guatemala 1874 P; Gold 5 Pesos; KM 198; A beautiful design; Only 1 coin graded higher at NGC; Gem NGC MS-64 $3975
Guatemala 1926; Gold 10 Quetzales; Finest Graded! NGC certified MS-64 $7650
Hungary 1908; Gold 100 Korona; 0.9802oz AGW; Kremnitz mint; KM491; NGC MS-68 $2750
Hutt River Province (Australia) 1986; Gold Sovereign; Kangaroo; Rare; Bruce-20; 0.2354oz AGW; NGC certified PF-68 Ultra Cameo $1200
India 1495-1521; Portugese India; Gold Half Manuel; Minted in Goa (this is the first gold coin minted at Goa); FR 1450; NGC graded AU-55 $3500
India 1605-1628; Gold Zodiac Mohur (Pisces) with 2 fish; Jahangir; This is a 19th century restrike; PCGS graded AU-50 $12500
India 1726; Gold 5 Xerafins; Portugese India (Diu); Very rare coin; NGC certified VF-35 $6000
India 1920 B; 8 Annas; Proof restrike; NGC certified PF-65; Finest Graded $1450
Italy 1482-1492; Gold Florino; Vatican; PCGS graded AU-50 $1375
Italy 1819; Sardinia; Gold 20 Lire; Vittorio Emanuele; Torino mint; FR 1129; NGC graded AU-55 $1800
Italy 1857 B Eagle; Sardinia; Gold 20 Lire; Torino Mint (Eagle mintmark); 0 .1867oz AGW; NGC certified MS-62 $1275
Italy 1857 B Eagle; Sardinia; Gold 20 Lire; Torino Mint (Eagle mintmark); 0 .1867oz AGW; Finest Graded ; NGC certified MS-63 $2000
Mexico 1739 MF; Gold 8 Escudos; Mexico City; King Philip V; NGC certified XF-45 $5500
Mexico 1760 Mo-MF; Gold 1 Escudo; a rare early type; NGC graded VF-25 $2200
Mexico 1824 Do-RL; Silver 8 Reales; Scarce early issue with hooked neck eagle and defiant snake; KM 376.1; Durango mint; NGC graded XF40 $3850
Netherlands 1596; Gold Ducat; Utrecht; PCGS graded MS62 $2000
Netherlands 1851; Gold 10 Gulden; Very bright and lustrous; A joy to look at! Fr 340; This coin is rare and also in high grade; NGC certified MS-64 $5800
Netherlands 1851; Gold 5 Gulden; KM 94; Seldom seen in any grade; This is the finest graded! NGC MS-65 $6000
Nicaragua 1880 H; Silver 10 Cents; Specimen coin; NGC certified SP-65 $475
Norway 1906; Silver 2 Kroner; Super nice quality; PCGS graded MS67 $650
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Germany 1842; Silver 2 Thaler of Bavaria; Marriage of Crown Prince; KM 812.1 DAV-588; Proof-like fields with nice colors; old museum number on bust; PCGS graded MS-65 SOLD
Germany 1862; Mecklenberg Strelitz; Silver 1/48 Stater; PROOF with cameo finish; Finest graded; Amazing NGC PF66 Cameo SOLD
Germany 1877; Baden; Gold 5 Marks; NGC graded AU-58 SOLD
Gibraltar 1997; Una and Lion; Gold 2 Sovereigns; This coin is much rarer than the 1989 dated coin; NGC certified PF70 Ultra Cameo SOLD
Greece 1876; Gold 5 Drachmai; A very rare coin and in great condition with good luster; NGC certified MS-62 SOLD
Guatemala 1804; Silver 8 Reales; deep toning; NGC certified XF40 SOLD
Guatemala 1869; Gold 20 Pesos; NGC graded AU-55 SOLD
Guatemala 1926; Gold 20 Quetzales; Finest Graded! NGC certified MS-63 SOLD
India 1808; Madras Presidency; Silver 1/4 Pagoda; well struck; NGC certified MS63 SOLD
India 1835 C; Gold Original Strike Mohur; ; The highest graded of all portrait British Colonial gold mohurs! The finest known; Certified PCGS MS-65 (fantastic luster) SOLD
India 1835 C; Gold Proof Mohur; Calcutta mint with F on truncation; A special coin that is the highest graded of the variety! Not to be confused with a modern Bombay restrike; NGC certified PF-63 restrike SOLD
India 1841; Gold Mohur; Queen Victoria; continuous legend type; S mintmark for Madras; Very rare with a different head style; one of the finest known; NGC graded MS-62 SOLD
India 1841; Gold Mohur; Queen Victoria; divided legend type; WW on bust; Finest graded for the variety; NGC graded MS-63 SOLD
India 1841; Gold Mohur; Queen Victoria; divided legend type; plain 4; Early Proof restrike; NGC Certified PL-62 SOLD
India 1841; Gold Mohur; Queen Victoria; divided legend type; plain 4; KM# 462.1; NGC Certified MS-63 (very lustrous with no distracting marks) SOLD
India 1849; Victoria; Silver Rupee; This date was not struck for circulation; It seems to be an early restrike; KM 458.9; NGC certified PROOF-62 SOLD
India 1851; Awadh Gold Ashrafi; AH 1268/5; Well struck and deep gold color; NGC certified MS-64 SOLD
India 1870; Gold 10 Rupees; Mature Bust Queen Victoria; KM 479; Proof restrike; NGC graded PF-64 SOLD
India 1879 b; Gold 5 Rupees; Queen Victoria; KM 494; mature portrait; Proof Restrike in Gold; PCGS graded PR-64 SOLD
India 1889-c; Empress Victoria; Gold Mohur; mintage of just 15000 pieces; NGC graded MS-63 SOLD
India 1902 (VS 1959) Gold Third Mohur; Gwalior; KM-175; A rare coin and the finest graded! NGC certified MS-64 SOLD
Indonesia 1970; Gold 20000 Rupiah; Mythical Guaruda Bird; KM 31; Fr 2; Gold 1.4285oz AGW; 25th Anniversary of Indepedence; Mintage 1285 pieces; NGC certified PF-69 Ultra Cameo SOLD
Indonesia 1974; Gold 100000 Rupees; Comodo Dragon .9676oz AGW; UN Conservation Series; NGC graded PROOF PF-68 Ultra Cameo SOLD
Indonesia 1974; Gold 100000 Rupees; Comodo Dragon .9676oz AGW; UN Conservation Series; NGC graded PROOF PF-69 Ultra Cameo SOLD
Italy 1414-1423; Gold Ducat; Venice; Doge Tomaso Mocenigo; Fully struck with clear faces; NGC graded MS63 SOLD
Italy 1726; Venice; Gold 4 Zecchini (Osella); Diameter 34mm; Reverse is Venetian warship; Commemorates the dredging of the Giudecca canal for Ventian ships to maneuver in case of Turkish attack; very rare; PCGS graded AU-58 SOLD
Italy 1814 M; Gold 40 Lire; Napoleon; 0.3735oz AGW; bright luster NGC certified MS-63 SOLD
Italy 1834-1849; Sardinia; Ruler Carlo Alberto; Fr 1152; KM 115.2; Gold content .1867oz per coin; Hoard of 34 coins grading XF and AU (no cleaned or damaged coins); Many dates included SOLD
Italy 1850; Naples Sicily; Gold 30 Ducati; large 37.87g; 1.2128oz AGW; KM C#157e; Bright luster; UNC SOLD
Italy 1905; Gold 20 Lire; a rare coin; NGC graded MS-64 SOLD
Mexico 1756 Mo-M; Gold 1 Escudo; Ferdinand IV; KM 115.2; Scarce AU grade (some scratches); good luster SOLD
Mexico 1790; Campeche; Gold Proclamation; 38.75g 39.5mm; King Charles IV; described as extremely rare and possibly unique by Ponterio; Ex-Ponterio Aug 2009 Lot 9031; This type is not known in gold; ex-jewelry otherwise XF grade SOLD
Mexico 1831 GO-MJ Gold 4 Escudos; NGC graded AU-58 SOLD
Mexico 1870 Go-FR; Gold 8 Escudos; Guanajuato mint; A quality coin well-struck with deep gold color and good luster; NGC graded AU-58 SOLD
Mexico 1885 Go-R; Gold 20 Pesos; Guanajuato mint; 0.9519oz AGW; PCGS graded AU details (cleaned) SOLD
Mongolia 2003; Silver 100000 Togrog; Year of the Goat; A massive coin of 3 kilos! Includes wood box and COA; 999 fine silver; Perfect PROOF in capsule SOLD
Netherlands 1650; Gold Ducat; Utrecht; NGC graded AU53 SOLD