List by Country Names O-Z:

Pakistan 1976; Silver 100 Rupees; Troppogan Pheasant; WWF issue; Mintage 5;837 coins; No marks or hairlines; Choice PROOF $300
Paraguay 18xx; Silver 20 Centimos (struck on a 20 Centavos from Argentina) ; Only the first 2 digits are in the date; A Pattern or test issue; Very rare; Certified by ICG as MS-64 $850
Peru 1855; Gold 8 Escudos; Lima mint; REPUB legend; KM 148.5; A very attractive UNC example with some unfortunate hairlines; NGC graded UNC Details (Surface Hairlines) $2650
Philippines 1859 PATTERN 2 Cent; Nice color and luster; NGC graded MS-64 RB $1350
Russia 1833; Silver 5 Kopecks; Great quality and patina color; NGC certified MS64 $440
Russia 1837; Platinum 3 Roubles; good details; NGC graded AU55 $5500
Russia 1857; 5 Kopecks; some original red remains in the devices; good luster; Original strike; one of the finest graded; NGC graded MS-64 $1575
Russia 1902; Gold 5 Roubles; NGC graded MS-67 $900
South Africa 1894; Gold Half Pond; One of the rarest and finest; no problem coin of nice quality; NGC certified MS-63 $15500
South Africa 2004; Leopard 5pc set; Gold quarter ounce Natura Leopard; plus 4 silver coins 2oz; 1oz; half ounce; and quarter ounce; includes large beautiful wood box (no COA; capsule broken on 2oz) $780
Spain 1870 (70) Silver 5 Pesetas; SNM version original strike 18 70 in stars; Low mintage type! NGC certified AU-50 $800
Spain 1898 (98) SGV; Silver 5 Pesetas; Boy head; KM 707; Fabulous luster and beautiful pastel colors/blue toning around the edge! You won't be disappointed; NGC certified MS-63 $450
Straits Settlements 1899; Victoria; 5 Cents; scarce coin; KM 10; NGC graded MS-62 $220
Sweden 1782; Silver Riksdaler; Large 41mm; Dav 1736; Original deep attractive patina; Grade XF-AU $275
Thailand 1968; Gold 3 coin set; Includes 600 Baht; 300 Baht; and 150 Baht in gold; Queen Sirkit; Total gold is 0.7607oz AGW; all certified NGC MS65 $2975
Thailand 1974; Conservation Series; Silver 50 and 100 Baht (Rhino and Deer) PROOF with no handling or hairlines (2 coins) $700
Tunisia 1856 (AH 1272); Gold 50 Piastres; KM 127; 0.2847oz AGW; NGC graded AU-55 $1750
Venezuela 781 (1817); Silver 1 Real (Chipi Chipi); Caracas; C#12; The only 781 graded by PCGS! Rare; PCGS certified Fine-12 $3750
Vietnam 1841-1847; Annam Nguyen Dynasty; Thieu Tri; Silver 5 Tien Dragon; Looks uncirculated and very attractive; some scratches by characters; Schroeder-261; NGC certified AU details (hairlines) $8500
Yap 1800s; Island of Yap stone money; This is one of the largest available at 220 pounds; diameter 27.5 inches; very rare; An original hand-made crystal coin with great color; Museum quality $56500
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Peru 1963; Gold 100 Soles; Large 1.3544oz AGW; NGC graded MS-67 SOLD
Russia 1716; Gold Ducat; Peter I; Very rare! NGC certified AU-53; This coin is a nice AU with natural surfaces that haven't been cleaned SOLD
Russia 1852; Silver 1/2 Rouble (Poltina); Nicholas I; Proof-like fields on both sides; No toning; Bright and flashy; NGC certified MS-64 Proof-like (only 1 graded higher) SOLD
Russia 1857; Silver 10 Kopecks; Amazing flashy luster; a few areas with toning; one of the finest graded; NGC graded MS-65 SOLD
Russia 1858; Tin medal (66mm); Peter the Great surrounded by Catherine; Paul I; Alexander I; Nicholas I; and Alexander II; Made for St. Isaac cathederal consecration in St. Petersburg; by N. Kozin and V. Alexeev; Diakov 677.2; Nice AU-UNC SOLD
Russia 1866 HI; Silver Rouble; Finest graded! PCGS certified MS-64 SOLD
Russia 1871 CNB-HI; Gold 5 Roubles; Alexander II; Low mintage rare date! NGC MS61 SOLD
Russia 1910; Gold 10 Roubles; Rare Date in high grade; NGC graded MS-65 SOLD
Russia 1996; Gold 100 Rouble; Amur Tiger; 0.5000oz AGW; NGC graded PF-69 Ultra Cameo SOLD
South Africa 1993; Gold Proof 1oz Krugerrand; Better date; perfect cameo; NGC graded PF69 Ultra Cameo SOLD
South Africa 1998; Gold Natura Proof Set; Leopard; 4 coins 1.85oz gold; includes green box SOLD
South Africa 1999; Gold 3pc Kudu Natura set; 0.85oz gold; with green box; silver figurine; and certificate SOLD
Spain 1703 S; Gold 8 Escudos; Seville Mint; Philip V; Cayon 9890; a rare coin; NGC graded MS-62 SOLD
Spain 1712 S; Gold 8 Escudos; Seville mint; Cayon 9936; KM 260; A rare coin in rare condition! NGC MS-63 SOLD
Spain 1775 S; Gold 1/2 Escudo; Seville mint; Bright luster and an uncirculated reverse; NGC certified AU-58 SOLD
Switzerland 1800 B; Helevetian Republic; Gold 32 Franken; FR-281; KM-13; NGC MS-62 SOLD
Switzerland 1819; Gold Ducat; Zwingli-Dukat; PCGS graded MS63 SOLD
Switzerland 1851; Essai 20 Rappen (struck in nickel alloy) Essai / pattern coins of Switzerland are rare! From the fabled Chirico collection; Nice toning over proof-like fields; NGC certiifed MS-64 SOLD
Tibet 1910; Gold Tangka; extremely rare; approximately 6 known with one of those impounded at the British Museum! Grade XF SOLD
Tibet 1920 ( BE 1554) Gold 20 Srang; one of the finest known; NGC graded MS-65 SOLD
UNICEF; International Year of the Child Gold Coin Set; 11pcs; 5.311oz AGW; All nice PROOF coins; no box (We are looking for PIEFORT sets of these coins in silver or gold; Top prices paid; please call us if you have a set of pieforts) SOLD
Vietnam 1848-1883; Annam; Tu Duc; Silver 2 Lang (20 Tien); Extremely rare denomination that is 87mm in diameter; 76g weight; smoothing repair at top and bottom; Grade AU-UNC SOLD
Yap 1800s; Island of Yap stone money; this is a large one of 53 pounds; diameter 17.5 inches; very rare; We buy large Yap stones; please contact us if you have one. SOLD
Zaire 1975; Proof 100 Zaire; UN Conservation Series Leopard; Mintage only 279 coins ; Gold is 0.9675oz AGW; NGC certified PF-69 Ultra Cameo SOLD